Why I Stopped Using Coconut Oil as a Skin Moisturizer

Why I Stopped Using Coconut Oil as a Skin Moisturizer (and what I now use instead!)

Every winter without fail, I get terribly dry skin on my face. The day after the we turn on the furnace for the first time in the fall, it starts. My face – especially in my T-zone – gets itchy, dry, and flaky. After my shower, it feels tight and awful, like that feeling you get when wearing a face mask that has dried and is ready to wash off. I do not appreciate this facet of my undeniably otherwise-flawless beauty. Not cool, face, not cool at all.

So what’s a natural living, crunchy mama to do?

[Enter, stage left, hero character]

Coconut oil is the darling of the natural living crunchy community. Every real food blogger worth their (unrefined sea) salt will tell you that there are literally hundreds of ways to use the stuff, from eating it on toast to lubricating your guitar strings to lubricating your something else. (Yep, it’s true!)

(Ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Remember how Windex is the cure-all? Same idea, less hilarious and more natural.)

It is often touted as the Awesomest! Moisturizer! Ever! For the last couple of years I’ve kept some in a little sealed container in my bathroom, carried it in my purse, and even packed it for trips, just so I could swipe a little out with my finger to help moisturize my dry skin. It worked… sorta. I also tried jojoba oil for a while (holy expensive, batman). It was better, but still not awesome.

My life was forever changed when an email landed in my inbox from Hannah at Taproot Farms. (I am totally not kidding, peeps! This completely blew my mind.)

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 12.38.52 PM

Taproot Farms is a family-owned business located on an off-grid modern day homestead in  Chickaloon, Alaska. They offer a variety of products including lip balm, face/body oils, shea butter, perfume, and goat milk soap (made from fresh goat milk from the family homestead – how cool is that?!)

[annnd… now cue the dramatic music] 

She wanted me to review some skin care products from their shop. I was all like, OK, sure, sounds fun. Little did I know that my face moisturizing routine as I knew it was about to be forever changed.

I tried a few different products (the Creme Brulee Shea Butter – that stuff is to die for! I’m just shocked I haven’t eaten it yet because it smells like heaven.) I also tried a peach lip balm which works beautifully, and a sandalwood handcrafted soap – smells incredible, feels totally luxurious in the shower. I LOVE the silky smooth feel of it.


Then… I tried the Moroccan Argan Oil.

Backstory: when Hannah asked me what I’d like to try from their shop, I mentioned that the Argan Oil looked interesting (I had never heard of it before) because I had suffered from dry, itchy skin on my face for so long, and my current routine was not really cutting it.

This was followed by a discussion of the various oils and some brilliant explanations from her which pretty much explained everything as to why the other oils hadn’t worked for me. Here’s what I learned that blew my mind:

— “Jojoba oil isn’t actually an oil, it’s a wax that is very similar to the skin’s natural sebum. So, while it feels really nice on the skin, it can’t soak in and moisturize as deeply as an oil like Argan.”

— Coconut oil is a very light moisturizer that sinks in quickly, which appeals to a lot of people. It works well for some, but not those with very dry skin as it does not moisturize deeply enough.

Argan is non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog your pores, but it also moisturizes.

— Conversely, coconut oil is considered to be fairly comedogenic. That doesn’t bother many people, but if you have a tendency to get clogged pores (blackheads, etc), coconut oil might exacerbate that problem.

So while coconut oil might work well for people who have skin in the middle of the spectrum, it doesn’t usually work great for those of us who tend to have dry or oily skin issues.

ArganOil So I started using the Argan Oil every morning, especially after a shower (I don’t shower every day.)

The glass bottle comes with a dropper, and I dab a few drops on my driest areas (right between my eyebrows, forehead, around the base of my nose) and massage it in. It literally only takes a few drops, and my skin drinks it up thirstily.

It is especially effective if I give my face a quick exfoliation first. In the shower, I just rub my face vigorously with a washcloth and it works great.

Since using the argan oil, I have noticed an absolute 100% improvement in the way the skin on my face feels on a daily basis. As far as I can tell, the results are long-lasting too, because on the days I don’t shower, I sometimes don’t even use the oil because my skin is still happily moisturized from the day before.

It’s incredibly effective (this is about as close to defining something as a miracle product as I’ve ever gotten) and it’s frugal too, considering how little of it you need at a time. At the risk of overstating my case, to be honest, I am utterly blown away and thrilled with this product. Truly.

Now, not only does it work well and not cost me an arm and a leg, but consider these amazing factors as well:

Some fascinating facts* about the origins and production of Argan Oil:

— Argan oil is one of the rarest, most highly valued oils in the world. It is a plant-based oil that comes from the Argan tree, which is exclusive to Morocco. It is called the “tree of life” there, and it has been used by locals for centuries.

Every part of the plant is utilized: the fruit and leaves are used to feed livestock, the oil is used on skin and for cooking, and the nut shells are even used as fuel! Incredible.

— The process of extraction and selling this oil is done in a sustainable fashion. Almost all Argan oil is distributed by local co-operatives of women in Morocco. To this day, the most efficient method of extraction is hand-pressing the kernels, which provides valuable jobs to women in the country.

Argan oil’s composition is quite remarkable as well. It contains nearly 80% fatty acids and is extremely high in vitamin E, which are both traits held in high regard in the beauty industry. The industry often adds synthetic versions of these things to products to be able to market them as anti-aging and healing, but of course, the natural (non-synthetic) version is far superior.

— “Argan also contains active ingredients called phytosterols, which may have anti-tumor effects, reduce inflammation, and which also have cell stimulation properties.”

Taproot Farms is a small family business that prides itself on offering natural, affordable products of exceptional quality. They also value sustainability and top-notch service, which pretty well makes them my ideal company.

Disclosure: All opinions expressed are my own. I honestly use and love these products. This post is sponsored by Taproot Farms. Top image via flickr cc, all other images via the Taproot website.

What do you use to moisturize your skin?

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  1. Jessica Carter says

    Are there any oils that fall in between coconut and argan oil as far as how well they moisturize?

    I was so glad to find an explanation of jojoba oil, and also finally another person in the world that doesn’t think cocnut oil is very moisturizing! Thanks!

  2. ItIsWell says

    I use to suffer from a dry face that burned and peeled deep. I now make my own lye soap with coconut oil and then after rinsing use coconut oil as a extra cleanser to make sure all makeup is removed. When I am sure I am completely clean I wipe everything off and massage coconut oil one more time all over face and neck. It feels greasy but it works awesome. After about ten minutes my skin absorbs it. I am 34 and started doing this when I turned 30 because I had noticed my skin was aging. My skin looks better now then at 30 so it must work. I do a glycolic peel every now and then as well.

  3. Aisha says

    Gadzooks! I’m so happy I read this blog and the comments!

    I’ve been using coconut oil as my facial moisturizer for 1.5 years (36 y/o, vegan for 1.5 years) and after reading the posts, I realized – THAT’S IT! – that’s what my face was looking like! Dull, itchy, most pronounced lines, and just recently, the super duper dry cheeks with peeling and flaking and small acne! I have super mild rosacea on my jaw line but it’s barely visible (no, I didn’t blush my jawline). I’m blaming it on the coconut oil! It was semi-fun, coconut oil, but you’ve gotta go.

    I’m currently waiting for my all-natural rosacea wash and serum to arrive from Gratitude Bontanicals (https://www.etsy.com/shop/gratitudebotanicals). Maybe my rosacea just advanced? Well, see.

  4. Eileen Fox says

    I’ve been using organic coconut oil as a moisturizer for a year now and my skin feels awful. Anyone ever had this problem?

  5. Luc Seto says

    I am a life-long sufferer of extremely severe eczema. I’m 18 y/o now. The skin of my face does get pretty dry. I am currently using Organic Coconut Oil and it does great things for me. I apply it right after my shower, and let it sit on my skin for a few minutes (2-3). I move on to using my ring and middle finger to gently press the oil into my skin some more. It’s relaxing and that way the oil isn’t just sitting on top, because we all know that’s a gross feeling. After pressing around and giving my face a mini massage, I stop! Then, after a couple more minutes if there’s any more oil I press gently again. If there isn’t I move on to a face cream. What I’m using is Dior’s Hyrdra Life Creme Serum – Hydration Jeunesse (Youth Essential – Hydrating Essence in Creme.
    Doing great! Also, if my skin gets dry throughout the day, I carry a small pump bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and apply, gently pressing into the dry patch. :)

    • Vicki Cannon says

      Luc: After 10 years of expensive and ineffective eczema treatments from the dermatologist, I launched an extensive investigation to learn how to ‘cure’ my eczema. Ultimately, I created my ‘cure’ with a combination of on-going vitamin supplements and lotion, and a one-time 3-week diet. I have been eczema free for 4 yrs. If you are interested, I’ll send you (and anyone else) the details. No charge—just want to help others who suffer like I did.

  6. Robophilia says

    For my skin, the only oils that seem to moisturise me well so far are avocado, jojoba, rose hip and argan. Coconut oil has always make my skin feel as if I’ve just stepped out of the shower after bathing myself with clay. Another thing is that due to its drying properties, I found coconut oil wrinkling my skin and making it itch. Additionally and contrary to more evangelisation, I found it too light to be used in my hair and it promoted scalp dryness. Should I add that its scent stales very quickly and not pleasantly either?

    Basically, I think it’s best ingested.

  7. Katie says

    My skin broke out right after Christmas. (I have oily skin & am in my 30’s). Despite continued use of proactive & other OTC methods, it wouldn’t clear. 3 weeks in, I began using Tea Tree oil as a spot treatment. Saw no significant improvement. Then a week later, I ran across a post for oil cleansing with coconut oil. It suggested adding some frankenscence, but I didn’t have any on hand. After 8 days of using coconut oil, my skin in almost completely clear and baby soft. Simply cleansing with coconut oil at night and washing with warm water. I also followed a recommendation to do a weekly baking soda scrub once a week to remove blackheads, followed by a natural toner (I used lemon juice and water.) I have less blackheads and my face is clearer than it has been in years. I really hope the good results continue. I haven’t noticed an increase in oil on my face during the day, but I still suffer some oiliness in the t-zone area. I’d love some suggestions for natural oil control for daytime use.

  8. walli says

    This winter’s been very rough on my skin, but ive been using the somaluxe argan oil has helped immensely. Its for hair and skin and you can use it on your face – thank god for this. It smells so good and doesnt leave me greasy.

  9. Moniq says

    I have a few dark spots on my cheek from my pregnancy fourteen years ago and some pigmentation on my forehead from coloring my hair at home. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the spots?

  10. maria says

    I’ve been reading in a lot of places that coconut oil is very good as a moisturizer. I was just wondering if that would apply to my skin type. My face is pretty oily and is prone is to acne and I’m 16. . I’m just asking if this would make me breakout. Would the oil clog my pores? I was planning to use it as a moisturizer but i’m worried that i would breakout more.

    • Nicky says

      I have oily skin too and I found that the more moisturizer I put on the less oily my skin would get. The excess oil is usually due to your skin trying to balance itself after being too dried out by soaps etc. even as a teenager I found that a plain natural soap mixed into a paste with baking soda and water worked great as an exfoliant and makeup remover. Just soap for eye makeup. Currently I use Nubian Heritage lotions for my entire body. I use their hand lotion on my face. I like the African Black Soap lotion the best because it has the least fragrance. I do have argan oil and I’ve used coconut oil for cleansing as well. I felt the coconut oil didn’t give enough moisture unless my face was still moist from the hot washcloth. Even then I felt I needed more. I will try my argan oil again since I still have some (usually use it for my hair because I color it and it’s dry and blonde).

  11. says

    For the past 3 years I’ve used a Moringa based skin care system that penetrates 7 dermal layers and adjusts to your skin. Completely natural. Simple system that keeps my face happy ask year and reverses the signs of aging. There is an oil that is made from the seeds and I carry it everywhere I go. (Great for burns, cuts, etc.) This year my 12 year old son was bit on the ankle by a copperhead. I applied the oil to his leg and his skin tissue never died. 9 days after the bite you could barely see it. (This treatment was only for his skin, he still had tio get the anti venom Crofab) GenM skin care is all I’ll ever use!!

  12. Julie says

    it quickly became apparent that coconut oil was too light for my very dry skin. I’ve been oil cleansing with it for years, but I do have to use a bentonite clay treatment to remove blackheads every few months.

    What really moisturizes my face best is beef tallow. I made my own, but my rendering technique needs improvement because the tallow stinks to high heaven – it’s really gross. At first it was so awful, even after liberal amounts of lavender eo were added to try to mask the scent, that I nearly gagged each time I used it. But I kept using it because my face looks and feels better with tallow than anything else.

    I read somewhere that the saturated fat in tallow helps our skin keep its cellular structure, and maybe that helps, but for me, the tallow completely prevents the dry flaky patches I’ve been prone to all my life. My face is just right now – not dry or greasy at all. I even put tallow under my makeup in the morning. I’m 50 years old, but people always think I’m younger. Just throwing this out there in case it would help anyone.

    • says

      Hi Julie — I LOVE tallow, too… it is closest to ANYTHING in nature to our own body’s sebum. In fact, in Latin “tallow” and “sebum” are interchangeable.

      I make a tallow night cream but use 10% liquid oil, in the past I have used avocado, sweet almond, jojoba. But I am thinking of trying out the argan oil with the tallow.

      I also am going to do a body butter — I have a good recipe now but I am going to add tallow to it and possibly a bit of argan oil, and also jojoba oil, and whip it up. I will be working this month on perfecting my homemade recipes!! I can’t wait. But I also LOVE tallow and nothing works as good as it on my skin :)

      I am 40 but have skin like a 25 year old. In fact, my mid-20s sister who has decent skin always complains that I have better skin than her!!! I will stick to my tallow :) I know it works.

      • K Ruth says

        Also am in love with tallow!!! Tried coconut but I seem to be sensitive to it…makes my skin blotchy. For my body balm, I mix the tallow with 10 percent emu oil and that is wonderful. I too have to add many, many drops of lavender essential oil to mask the scent. It must work though because I get loads of compliments on how I smell. I have given out samples as well with good feedback on how well it moisturizes. I do have argan oil and might just add that to the mix when I make my next batch. Thanks for the post.

  13. Chris says

    I’ve known about the magic of coconut oil for about 2 years now but for some reason never bothered to use it as a moisturizer. I just started 3 nights ago since I ran out of BareMinerals moisturizer (haha) and I’ve noticed it’s really making my skin glow! I have oily skin but it will be VERY dry right after a shower, so a little coconut oil helps and as the hours progress my skin still looks perfect not too oily or dry. I guess if you have mainly dry skin it’s not going to be for you but yeah the products you mentioned do sound nice as well! Wish I could try. For now I’ll see what happens with the coconut oil for the next month or so.

  14. mumu says

    I m using coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil and some vitamin e.. It actually works good in my skin. Even it helps me to reduce my my acne scar. But I make coconut oil in my home with our own coconut fruit.

  15. Brittany says

    Any suggestions for a very moisturizing oil to use for the whole body? I have absurdly sensitive and dry skin, and it’s EVERYWHERE, so an expensive oil like Argan isn’t going to work (as lovely as it sounds!). I use Eucerin and it helps a bit, but I’m trying to go more natural, and Eucerin is pretty darn expensive too, especially when you go through it as fast as I do.

    Based on the comments I think I’m going to try olive oil next, but any suggestions would be really appreciated!

    • Busi says


      Try a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil, if that doesn’t work for u try mixing Eucerin with olive oil. Or any other body butter/lotion with a generous amount of olive oil usually does the trick…

    • Brooke McW says

      In my bath I put Epsom salt, baking soda, coconut oil and a couple of drops of whatever essential oils I want to put in (lavender, citrus, stress away, ect. I usually mix up some in a concoction of smell good happiness lol) Its great though, you come out of the bath feeling great and you sleep awesomely. I would love to try Moroccan Argan oil.

  16. Clara Golding says

    I have a skin disease call scleroderma and us with this disease we are alwasy searching for product not only help our skin for moisture but also from itching. Iam not sure how you are connected to Taproot Farms, maybe possibly you would be willing to send me sample to try and I could inform the Schleroderma Foundation and the support group that I belong to about your product/s. Thank you so much for reading this email.
    Clara Golding

    • Keidre Raeanne Shaw says

      If you aren’t allergic to nuts & dont have bad acne breakouts; use coconut oil or vitamin E oil with pure, pharmaceutical grade peppermint oil in it.
      I suffer from chronic hives and have awful dry skin; and itch until my skin breaks. (I know…”I shouldn’t”, it’s hard to stop once it starts)
      At nighttime I’ve been putting something similar to lanolin on after the oils & in the morning it’s pretty much faded.

      Vitamin E is great, although as you put it on, it seems to draw out the redness. I have it pure with Vitamin C added. I bought it for $7@ Publix

      Coconut oil does leave skin feeling softer. (Get unrefined, organic, cold pressed) This usually costs $10-$16

      The peppermint oil will be the most expensive. Stores sell the crap kind for $10….pharmaceutical grade will cost around $25. I have Young Living and it’s 26$- a little goes a loooong way. Peppermint will help cool the inflammed skin and stop the itching.

  17. Miriam says

    I will give Argan oil a try. I have oily skin, and haven’t used moisturiser for years. I recently made my own moisturiser, coconut oil, olive oil and some others. I put some on one morning and then put my home made powder on, later that day at work I was at a meeting, I was asked if I was hot, it was a hot day. Later I looked in the mirror and noticed streams of muddy streaks running down my face. That was the last time I used the coconut oil moisturiser in the mornings. I still use my natural, mineral free face powder. Now I rub some of my home made hair gel on my face in the morning (gelatine, and EO) the gelatine is a natural collagen, it is a little drying at first but then feels great

    • Johanna says

      Hi! Do you use this combo on the face? And if so, do you ever struggle with clogged pores? I got the Argan oil and so far I like it, but I wouldn’t mind something a little more lotion-y

  18. says

    Interesting article, I’m forever reading up on oils for an eczema laden boyfriend, but I hadn’t thought of trying argan oil – I only know of it for for dipping into pittas! It’s got some pretty decent evidence for cancer-prevention and reducing cardiovascular problems when ingested – and contrary to the comments about it being endangered – argan oil is usually produced by woman’s co-operatives pretty sustainably and with some great impacts on their social and economic status (I know cos I have to supply chain track at work!) I’m going to buy some and give it a whirl on the boyf – cheers!

  19. Kyan says

    Hi Friends…Thanks for the great info about Argan Oil….will try it for my face also….does it help to remove adult acne?
    I am over 50 and I have some red bumps on my face like adult acne…so will this Argan oil help older adults with adult acne…
    will this oil get rid of the acne completely or is there something else for this condition of adult acne…
    My skin looks & eyelashes & hair are thicker when I take Flax oil internally but the acne did not go away…I never put it on my face so not sure if it would help the face to remove the acne bumps…anyone here use flax oil on the face? Used to take Coconut oil internally but it caused acid reflux after awhile so I stopped using it…as coconut oil may not agree with everyone…I have learnt that not every agrees with everyone…we need try it to see if it agrees with us or not…it is not for everyone…some oils may be good for someone here and not good for their friend or family member as they need to try it on themselves first…

    I used to use Seabuckthorn oil in the past for about 2 years then started getting acne clogged pores bumps on my face…
    Then I tried olive oil on the face & it felt a bit greasy on my face…& the acne was still there…I still love to use olive oil in my food daily…Right Now I am using Vit E oil in a dropper bottle on my face the kind that people take internally as a supplement…my face glows & looks younger when I apply it…but it could also be blocking pores as the acne is still there….none of these oils removed the acne…What else can I do to remove this adult acne? I only wash my face with water and sometimes us baking soda to wash my face, is there something I can use to wash my face that would remove the adult acne…Will the argan oil heal the acne & also
    moisturize at the same time?

    Thank you friends for the great posts & info about all the different oils :-)

    • Beata says

      Hi I just both that argon oil for my face yesterday September 15/2014 ,I don’t know yet if is working but I like it I put that oil on my face when I went sleep and in the morning i don’t have to washed my face .

  20. says

    I have been using this amazing and incredible Argan OilI on regular basis and I cannot tell you that how much this anti wrinkle product blessed me. It gave me beauty, attraction and perfection. It removed all bad signs of wrinkles, furrow lines and dark circles around eyes from my face.

  21. says

    Nice post, I’m Jamaican and it’s really very informative for me. I currently use coconut oil at night. I feel to use this to help me for extra glow of my skin and also remove my daily makeup and I even use it when I’m not wearing makeup. This oil provides my skin with a really healthy looking glow and it keeps my skin hydrated and soft. I also still use this as my body lotion daily. Please suggest me some other herbal and organic ideas for Cruelty free makeup as comparable like coconut or other relevant nature ingredient made products.

  22. Ariane says

    Aha ! Mystery solved as to why I have blackheads all over my thighs after switching to coconut oil a couple of weeks ago… I’m excited to try Argan oil for my face.

  23. Suzy says

    I have always had very dry skin and find argan oil works wonders on my long, thick hair and scalp, Bio oil every where else and treat myself to coconut shea body butter a couple of times a week after a bath; I can’t resist the smell and using it in that formula it has never dried me out. I use the argan and bio oil morning and night and always get compliments and questions, you would never think I had very dry skin!

  24. Yaya says

    I have teRrible acne and I have trouble finding a moisturizer that helps. I’ve been using coconut oil but it might be making my situation wOrst because it’s fairly comodogenic as mentIoned in the post. Just started mixing it with jojoba oil to see if that helps but now I’m curious about trying argan oil out and to see if that works. Do you have any recommendations for acne prone combinaTion skin?

  25. Bobbie says

    Thank you for the argan oil tip, I’m going to look in to it. But I had another question. What would you recommend for prevention of stretch marks that is also natural for the skin?

  26. Mahatma Paul says

    Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been trying to switch over to all natural products and coconut oil, while making my skin smooth, does nothing to seal in the moisture! I’ve applied right out of the shower like everyone suggests and within the half hour of applying, my skin appears dry and cracked as if I didn’t put any moisturizer on at all. I eventually have to put on commercial lotion again and it really bothers me that this product that seems to work wonders for everyone else doesn’t work for me :(
    I will definitely give Argan Oil a try though. I want to be able to throw out my commercial lotions.

    • BettyMel says

      Unfortunately, I have the same problem! I really want to be able to use natural products, but every time I stop using my commercial face moisturizer to try the natural products, I end up with little pimple like bumps on my face (not like acne though) and my skin starts to feel more leathery. I also notice that my crowsfeet become more noticeable. I always end up going back to using the commercial one too :(

    • Melissa says

      I have the same issue. Coconut oil dries my skin out terribly. Like to the point of flaking off.

  27. Liz says

    Hello, just want to ask a question here. I only read that you’ve been using coco oil on your face, but how about on the body? Does coco oil work well for very dry skin on the body? I have been using some only on my body & was wondering if you meant doesnt work well for dry face. Thank you.

  28. says

    I want to thank you for the great post! I have been using coconut oil for a while now but it doesn’t seem to help my combo skin, which gets dry so I think it overproduces oil to compensate. I have read about Argan oil a few times and every time I search for it online (because the store-bought stuff isn’t pure) they want $30-$40 for a small bottle. Being a broke college student can’t afford that but I CAN afford $14, so thank you for letting us know a place that is reasonable! (:
    – Shaina

    • says

      Hurray! I’m so happy that you found this post – having dry skin really sucks, and I was getting so frustrated with the coconut oil, too. I don’t know if you have ordered some argan oil from Taproot or not, but if you haven’t done so – make sure you click on the ad at the top of my sidebar right now – they are sponsoring my site this month and next, and have set up a fantastic discount offer for R&H readers! :) :) :)

    • says

      Hi Tamara! The winner was Kate, she was notified by email. Thanks for asking – I had meant to update the post to let people know, but had forgotten. Thanks for reading :)

  29. says

    I do okay with coconut oil. I find it works really well for keeping the itchy, after-shaving, red bumps away, but I don’t care for it on my face or hands at all. I feel like it sits on top of my skin rather than soaking in, and I want to wipe ‘the excess off’.

    After reading a chapter in an Alice Walker novel where olive oil is being rubbed into dry, hurting skin, I gave it a try and was astounded at the relief I felt in skin that I didn’t know was hurting. Some olive oils have worked better than others, and I understand that this has to do with the pollution of many olive oils with cheaper oils. However the Mountain Rose Herbs olive oil works so well for me, and is affordable enough for me to use it as a body oil as well as face oil.

    • says

      Hi there! I’ve been using olive oil too! I’ve read that it contains squalene, a natural occurring substance found in our bodies and it helps moisturize skin too. It’s like the natural way our bodies retain moisture. Indeed, some olive oils have been contaminated with cheaper oils, but there are some brands that remain pure 100% olive oil. I now buy the bigger bottle of olive oil than before because my skin loves it. I also drink a lot of water because it’s got so much benefit as well, with none of the bad side effects.

  30. says

    Awesome. I’m gonna give these products a try. I was using coconut oil as well but it didn’t moisturize as well as I wanted and I still had to use a face cream afterwards. I finally found Dr. Organics but the Argan oil sounds like something I’m gonna have to try. Thanks for the info!


  31. jennifer says

    I just started using coconut oil on my skin ( arms & legs) not my face. It makes me itch for a few minutes and then the itching eventually goes away. Have you ever heard of this happening? It does not seem to be working for me, do you have any other suggestions as to what I could use to relieve my dry, itchy skin?

  32. Jordan says

    I had been using coconut oil as my facial moisturizer for a couple years – with mediocre results. Just like you mentioned, I get the dry flaky spots on my skin during winter. I finally randomly started using something else (simply because the container of coconut oil that i keep in my bathroom had run out and I was too lazy to fill it back up), and my dry/patchy spots immediately cleared up. Right around that time I read somewhere that coconut oil can actually be rather drying for some people/certain skin types. Now I moisturize with a homemade tallow balm and it is incredible! No more dry spots in winter. No more tight skin feeling, ever. It always feels perfectly balanced – not greasy, and not dry. I might give the argan oil a try as well!

  33. Nickie says

    I have tried all of those for my poor face–I have terrible rosacea, so sensitive doesn’t even begin to describe my skin. And DRY. I do like Argan oil, but I also love Sea Buckthorn seed oil. You only have to use a tiny amount, but it helps my skin immensely. I also notice a huge difference in my skin when I am taking large doses of cod liver oil.

    • Carolyntheresa@hotmail.com says


  34. Nicole S. says

    Wow, I didn’t know that jojoba oil is really a wax, how interesting! I actually have some argan oil that I have not been using, I think I will give it a try as my moisturizer and see how it compares for me.

  35. Alicia says

    Also have dry winter skin & hair. I really enjoy Argan oil on my hair and in a beautiful skin elixir my friend makes. Bonus it’s a 2in1 little bottle I can take anywhere. Although I haven’t moisturized my face at all in years it feels like it’s peppy and meets all my skin/hair needs. Plus Im in full agreement that a 2oz bottle has lasted all year and there is still more to go..

  36. says

    I’ve been using Argan oil for a couple of years now and while I still use coconut oil in most of my salves and such, I way prefer Argan oil for my face. I use it for oil cleansing too and like you said, a couple of drops go a long way.

  37. Michelle says

    I am so glad to have stumbled upon this blog post! I’ve been using coconut oil on my face for the past 2 years. I struggle with really dry facial skin, especially above my eyes. I wonder if your skin builds up a resistance to coconut oil over time because when I started using it it really seemed to help but for like the past year it didn’t seem to moisturize as well. I ordered some of the Argan Oil. I can’t wait to try it! I hope this is the answer I’ve been seeking!

  38. says

    C’mon, SERIOUSLY?! I ran out of my lovely facial moisturizer my friend makes and I wanted to try making my own, but I haven’t had time to order anything, and I’ve been using argan oil on my hair for years! YOU MEAN I CAN USE IT ON MY FACE TOO?! Hold the phone, my dry skin has been rescued!!

  39. Elizabeth T says

    I’ve been wondering why my skin feels so dry not too long after putting coconut oil on it. I just ordered some of the argan oil and couldn’t help but get the apple jack spice goat milk soap!

  40. says

    Glad to have come across this post…I’ve been looking for a good moisturizer to use on my dry skin. I currently use jojoba to clean my face but it doesn’t work well as a moisturizer. I’ve also tried to moisturize with coconut oil but it seemed to irritate the skin around my nose and mouth where I sometimes have perioral dermatitis. I’ll have to give the argan oil a try. Thanks!

  41. heather r says

    Thanks for this lovely give away. I personally use coconut oil Andros hi just saw that I make myself and it works great but the argon oil sounds fantastic. I make my own products and I’m excited to try the argon oil for that. everybody is different therefore things work differently with everyone else I’m glad that you found what works well for you. I just happened to stumble upon your website on Pinterest today loved it signed up for the newsletter. Also I tried to pin this on Pinterest but couldn’t figure out how to put the URL on it from my phone so hopefully my other for entries make me a big winner lol thanks again

  42. DawnFowler says

    Wow…this oil is ALOT more expensie than the Jojoba oil. you can find 4 oz. of organic Jojoba for the same price as this 1 oz. bottle.

    • says

      Actually it’s not, when you consider how much less you need of the argan oil. I literally use a couple of drops per day. When I was using the jojoba oil I needed much more than that for the level of dry skin that I have.

      • Dawn Fowler says

        Thanks for the info, it certainly seems worth a try then..I guess it will last longer than I’d assumed. I appreciate the response.

  43. says

    I have not tried Argan oil before. Not sure about the sustainability of it, and the price is what has strayed me away from using it.
    Organic Coconut Oil is still the best oil for your skin. It has actually helped control my oily/combination skin. The KEY here is to get 3 tbsp./day EATEN as well. Applying it on the skin is great, but you need to be moisturizing from the INSIDE as well. A lot of creams etc. only address the symptom on the outside, and not the health of the body that is demonstrated in the skin.
    I also do oil pulling twice/day and this has helped heal my skin tremendously.
    A combination of Organic Coconut Oil with Castor oil in an oil cleansing method is what has helped my blackheads the most. Search “oil cleansing method” and it has great explanations on why you would want to use an oil to dissolve the oils clogging your pores.

    • says

      I don’t think that you can really definitively say that coconut oil is the best oil for everyone’s skin just because it happens to work well for you. Like I said – because of the compositions of the various oils, they work differently for different skin types. I do ingest coconut oil daily, and that did not make a difference to how it worked on my skin.

      Also, I’ve read lots on the OCM. I don’t personally have blackheads – the post just says that coconut oil *might* exacerbate that problem for some people. You can google that to find lots of stories.

      Thanks for your comment!

  44. says

    I stopped using coconut oil for the same reason. I had also used to it to ‘treat’ my daughter’s eczema and was told the reason it wasn’t working was because it doesn’t stay on the skin long enough for it to moistureize as deep as needed. So I make lotion bars for both of us with beeswax, avacado oil and cocont oil and it’s great for my daughter, good for me. I will definitely check out the argan oil!

  45. Alicia says

    Coconut oil wasn’t cutting it for me this winter until I added in some Vitamin E drops. Now it works just great! The ratio was 1 tsp. E to 1 cup coconut oil, whipped up for a few minutes.

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