real food Recipes

I create recipes that are simple, that taste good, and use nourishing, real food ingredients. Other than the odd guest post, all recipes on this site are gluten-free, and many are grain-free, Paleo-friendly as well.

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Health & Wellness

I take a strong holistic approach to our family's health and wellness, which means we consider many topics under this category. Whether it's gut health considerations, food restrictions and nutrition topics, or favouring natural remedies wherever possible - I'm passionate about it all and have written a variety of posts on these things.

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Home & Lifestyle

We're a family of six with young children - there's always something going on to keep us busy. The way we run our home and family life contributes significantly to our overall wellness, whether through gardening, meal planning, homeschooling, making non-toxic and eco-friendly purchases, or beyond.

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