real food Recipes

I create recipes that are simple, that taste good, and use nourishing, real food ingredients. Other than the odd guest post, all recipes on this site are gluten-free, and many are grain-free, Paleo-friendly as well.

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nourishing diet & Health

I was first introduced to the real-food, Nourishing Traditions diet philosophy almost a decade ago. Since then, our family has sought a balanced approach that is manageable long-term, yet deeply impactful on our health. We're mostly Paleo-ish these days, always gluten-free (I have celiac disease), and placing the most emphasis on nutrient-dense, homemade real food.

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family Life

We're a family of six with young children - there's always something going on to keep us busy. However, in the chaos and daily grind of family life, there are choices to be made. The way we run our home and family life contributes significantly to our overall wellness!

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wellness Habits

So much of what we do in our lives is habitual! There's incredible power to be unlocked for our health simply by changing some of our habits. We can replace bad habits with good ones to promote vibrant wellness in our lives.

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natural remedies & Body Care

I've been continually astounded (and grateful) over the years for how amazingly well natural remedies can work. A pharmaceutical approach has its time and place, but natural remedies serve our family wonderfully the vast majority of the time. Alongside this, we use a simple and non-toxic array of body care products such as castile soap, argan oil, and essential oils to help keep toxins from making us sick in the first place.

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