5 Handmade Gift Ideas To Make With Your Kids

(This is my monthly post over at Frugal Granola)

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, there’s really no excuse to tone down the Christmas talk. Yippee! (says the Christmas-enthusiast-who-started-listening-to-Christmas-music-in-October).

Handmade gifts have enjoyed a resurgence of popularity in the last few years, and there is a never-ending supply of ideas out there, starting (of course) with Pinterest. For the majority, handmade usually equals frugal and green, which is music to my ears!

Following are five of my favourite homemade gift ideas that anyone will love, and the best part is that you can totally let your littles help you out.

A kid-friendly project + Christmas shopping done = total score!

1. DIY Decorated Dinnerware

These are all over the internet, but I haven’t seen any cute kid-scribble designs. I think it would be a pretty adorable gift for parents or grandparents.

Click on over to Frugal Granola to check out the rest of the article!

(Number four is my personal favourite, tied with number one!)

Are you making any handmade gifts this year? How’s your gift-buying going? I’m pretty close to being done! I don’t think I’ll quite make my deadline, but I’m close, which is a huge improvement over previous years! :)

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  1. says

    I and my nieces are creating a framed watercolor picture with poem. Something like what Amazon sells, only with the children’s work. Hope mum likes it!

    The list is great! Gave me more crafty ideas to make to give as presents.

  2. says

    Beth, I loved this list! The cookie dough balls are such a great idea. That way, the hostess doesn’t feel obligated to serve them to her guests, but can choose to save them for later months. Awesome blog. Tweeted this post.

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