40+ Legitimate Ways to Earn Money as a Stay-at-Home-Mom

Do you wish there was something that you could do on the side – in the cracks and corners of your days and evenings and weekends that would earn enough extra money to give a little room to breathe? Something flexible, home-based, and (dare we wish it?) enjoyable. Here are 40+ ways to legitimately earn money from home!

You’ve seen the ads floating around the internet. Usually in places like your Facebook sidebar or in pop-up ads on popular sites. Deceptive text shouting promises like: “Earn $6,000/week from home! It’s easy! Sign up here! “scammyfineprintprintblahblahblah

To those I say a big fat “Pfffffftttt, yeah right!”

A few years ago, I was constantly seeing those dumb ads, and every time I saw one I’d sigh wistfully, wishing there really was a legitimate way that I could earn some money without giving up on my desire to be at home with my kids.

Long-time readers here at R+H know that money has been super tight over the last few years as we have gone through hubs’ flight training to become a pilot. He has been employed as a flight instructor (you know – the guy teaching the future pilots of your commercial flights in airlines around the world how to fly…) but it pays abysmally. Absolutely shamefully, really.

Most flight instructors are young, unmarried guys who don’t have a family to support, because it is next to impossible.

So… he quit that job last fall, and has landed fortuitously into a contract consulting job in aviation safety (fancy way of saying that he’s working on a pilot safety website on a government grant). He’s also doing audio-visual tech stuff part-time at a large church in the city.


Things are better now. Still tight… but waaaaay better. I know from experience that somehow, in some way – things get better. Whether that be in heaven or on earth – tough times won’t last forever, and for that I am grateful.

As we emerge into a new season and phase of life, I have been pondering the way that every dollar counts.

It’s still fresh for me – the counting out change from the change jar to buy bananas before the next payday… the invitation of a meal shared with friends and knowing that it would give relief to your shrunken grocery fund… the tears of frustration at not being able to stretch the dollars quite as far as you’d like, and making difficult decisions on what to forgo.

I know that there are so many in that boat today. So many of you, dear readers. So many parents sacrifice a lot of financial security in order to stay at home with their kids. So many of you wish that there was something that you could do on the side – in the cracks and corners of your days and evenings and weekends that would earn enough extra money to give a little room to breathe. Something flexible, home-based, and (dare we wish it?) enjoyable.

I have tried a number of different income-earning ventures over the years:

  • Ad manager for a large blog (in charge of procuring and implementing advertising revenue for the site)
  • Digital graphic design (not my niche, but I can make nice-looking, simple images)
  • VA work (virtual assisting – like an administrative assistant, but working remotely)
  • Blogging (this site!)
  • Babysitting/daycare (I had my niece 4 days/week for a year)
  • Photography (I’ve been hired a handful of times to do family photo shoots. My skills are basic, but decent enough to get some nice shots.)
  • Social media assisting (again, working with bloggers)
  • Moderator for webinar panel discussions
  • Placenta encapsulation

All of the things I’ve done have been extremely flexible and most have been temporary. Blogging is currently my “side job” here, and I have discovered over the last 1.5 years that it is most definitely a passion of mine. I kind of always knew that I loved writing… and now I know that I really enjoy the entrepreneurial/business side of it as well.

Let’s be honest: being self-employed and working from home isn’t all flouncy pens and steaming cups of tea in bed… but sometimes it is. And it’s glorious. 

I recently asked my Facebook followers if any of them had any money-making side ventures, and the response was amazing. So many responded with an incredibly diverse array of ideas that I knew I just had to share them here. I decided to link up some of those that responded to the thread, so you’ll see some R+H reader business links below in the list.

If you’re interested in finding a way to earn money from home, you can use this list as a jumping off point to research which type of opportunity might be right for you. There are so many possibilities!

(Disclaimer: money doesn’t start rolling in after just a little effort. These ideas obviously take dedication, perseverance, and hard work. Some of these ideas need certain qualifications – but many need none.)

Money-Making Ideas for Stay-at-Home Parents:

  1. Blogger (holla!)
  2. Doula
  3. Making and selling lotions, soaps, and other bath & body care products (check out this awesome page: Homebody Co., or this one: Purely Essential)
  4. Running an online fitness studio (like Fit2B!)
  5. Selling home or health products as a company rep, also usually known as a multi-level-marketing company. Jamberry Nails (check out another Jamberry rep here, and a third here), Thirty-One Gifts, Mary & Martha, Zeal for Life, Juice Plus, Steeped Tea, AvonNerium International, Scentsy, My Premier Designs – jewelleryOrigami Owl, Younique Beauty Products, Norwex (and another reader who sells Norwex), Lilla Rose Hair Accessories, Wildtree Food Products, Radiantly You – body care products, Avon Products, Plexus Slim, Nikken – wellness products.
  6. Selling essential oils as a company rep (DoTerra, Young Living, and there are others if you do some research to see the options. Readers Ashley, Heather, and Krissa also sell DoTerra.)
  7. Design and sell digital sewing patterns
  8. Elderly care (A reader said: “I do full time home share for a 60-year-old woman who is autistic. She goes to a program 5 days a week and I assist her with food, showering and dressing and some hygiene. We are very thankful because it enables me to stay home while bringing in a full time income.”)
  9. Run a farm share program
  10. Sewing and weaving (Kaitlin of Butters and Bubsie says: “I do headbands, soother clips, lovey blankets, burp rags and most importantly I weave baby wraps.”)
  11. Make and sell knit/crochet/etc. goods (check out this cute page, or this website – she also does wall murals for people!)
  12. Health consulting – “I am a trained homeopath in my career before I had children and so I do some phone and online consulting to assist people with their health issues.” Another reader said: “…and I just got certified to be a Dr. Sears Health Coach! Super excited about that!” This reader at Baby Kale Health is a family holistic health coach. Another health consulting type of business: Nutritional therapist.
  13. Virtual Assisting
  14. Advertising Manager (for a large blog – a growing field!)
  15. Bookkeeping
  16. Reflexologist
  17. Yoga Facilitator
  18. Customer service – My friend has an Amazon business and I do customer service from home for her.”
  19. Social media consulting – “…I also do some Pinterest consulting work for bloggers. It still blows me away that I can get paid for playing with Pinterest.
  20. Freelance writing (like CG Marketing Pro!)
  21. Sewing – “I sew for people…preparing for craft shows at the moment.”
  22. Managing consignment sales – “I manage a twice-a-year consignment sale for our local parents of multiples club.”
  23. Teach dance classes
  24. Placenta encapsulation (Check out my Placenta Encapsulation tutorial here on the blog)
  25. Sell antiques and paint furniture
  26. Hula hoop maker/instructor
  27. Make and sell baby headbands and blankets
  28. Make and sell handmade jewellery (check out these cool ‘tree of life’ necklaces! And this one: Four Little Lady Bugs, making teething necklaces and girly accessories.)
  29. Web design
  30. Babysitting/daycare
  31. Make custom wooden furniture
  32. Pet sitting
  33. Image and Influence Consultant with FanTABulous Women.
  34. Substitute teaching
  35. Photography (Shelley said: “I’ve had my photography business for 6 years. I shoot weddings and on evening and weekends do portrait sessions so I can stay home with my kiddos and homeschool them full time during the week! My business gives me a creative outlet plus helps with the finances, and I am very thankful for it!”)
  36. Baking/cooking (this woman sells her cakes locally – and they look DELISH)
  37. Sell flower arrangements
  38. Sell excess garden produce to neighbours
  39. Sell eggs from your backyard chickens
  40. Start an online shop selling items you love and are passionate about (Check out Delia’s Pantry: “I try and make if affordable for every one to have access to organic herbs spices and teas …and a few other things”, Primal Kitchen Company, selling fermentation/pickling supplies, Country Bums – a cloth diaper shop, Deborah & Co – a clothing company for girls/women)

Have you ever made money on the side while being at home with your kids? What would you pick from this list?

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  1. Danielle DuBose says

    I am a WAHM that works for a consulting firm. We are currently recruiting adults to participate in a study for $20. Study participation entails filling out an online survey about someone that you know very well. The surveys take about 25 minutes to complete. Anyone that is interested can fill out our Interest survey using this link: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1918197/V3-Rater-Interest-Survey

  2. Rachel says

    I am super surprised this was not on the list. There are many online universities that offer remote positions that can be worked from a home office. Granted, these types of positions often require some sort of credentials, but they can be extremely rewarding. I have worked for Western Governors University as an adjunct faculty member for nearly 2 years now; I started part time, and moved to full time just after I hit my one year anniversary. I have 6 kids, and this position works perfectly for me while fulfilling my need to remain involved in education (I am a teacher). I could not imagine a more perfect job for me at this time of my life. WGU requires a minimum of a masters degree for most positions, and you can check them out at http://www.wgu.edu/?utm_source=1335 . Even if that’s not your cup of tea, again-so man online universities/programs that likely have remote positions.

    Also, before I transitioned to WGU, I worked for Educate Online from home, which is a virtual tutoring company. While I did not appreciate their business platform nor the availability of work hours, it was a great, legitimate side job for a little extra cash, and again, a great way for a teacher to stay connected to education. You can check them out at http://www.educate-online.com/

  3. says

    I’m just starting out as an Independent Paparazzi Accessories Consultant. They really are great! We get awesome starter kits at very affordable prices, our free website, and tons of free ongoing training! The jewelry sells so quickly and easily.
    check it out!
    or my facebook page

  4. Pamela says

    Why are these just for stay-at-home-moms? With dads staying home more and more, this should be more inclusive.

  5. Emily says

    Ladies, PLEASE use extreme caution before signing up with ANY direct sales company! I have been a stay at home/work at home mom for nine years working an actual job as a transcriptionist. That experience has shown me there is an entire internet FULL of SAHMs with kids who need to make extra money and will jump on any “biz-opp” someone ropes them into. Direct sales companies do not make you money!!! They might for a little bit and that will suck you in further until you’re deeply in debt and have wasted way more money than you have ever made. For actual jobs where you work and receive a paycheck, see workplacelikehome.com or retrace rebellion (including transcription work). Direct sales companies make money off YOU and before you pay money to make money – which you don’t do with legitimate business – please look into it. There is a website called pink truth.com that is filled with MLM refugees who escaped these types of businesses. They are NOT great opportunities!! Having done a real job for so long (yes, it can be done and it IS as great as it seems), I hate to see people with similar hopes of making money at home be swindled out of the few extra dollars they have with the promise of making lots more. *you don’t need to pay any legit online company to make money except in the rare instance of a security/background check fee* please see the sites I mentioned for legit work!

    • says

      I will have all my credit card debt paid off in 2 more months, thanks to being a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA! When I first enrolled all I wanted was to use the products and I was actually quite rude to the person who enrolled me, telling her “I am NOT NOT NOT going to do this as a business EVER so don’t ask me to!” I also was REALLY broke – I’d just been fired from my job, because I was so sick all the time, and the only job I could find was a part-time job at a nonprofit organization. But the products worked for me and so I found a way to carve out $50/month to order my products. My husband and I had already gone down to 1 vehicle, and I put in a garden and found work/trade agreements for my yoga and health services to save more money so I could buy my products. Ingenuity, people! After a while my friends started asking me where to get the products and wa-la, my network marketing business was born organically. Now I teach classes and mentor my team and get to do cool things like travel and teach (I have people in all 50 states now).

      Sadly there are a lot of people who get sucked into direct sales and network marketing and don’t make any money at all, and get even further into debt. Also a lot give up before any results are seen. That’s really sad – and it happened to me 3 times in the past (with Avon, Mary Kay, and Usana – all great companies, and I know multiple successful people in each of them, but not MY right fit). I think a lot of people view it as a ‘get rich quick’ thing and that is NOT how ANY business works! I don’t care what business you are in. It takes work, and network marketing/direct sales is not any different. If you don’t want to work I suggest you take the previous commenter’s advice and look elsewhere. Truly. If you don’t love the product and the company, if you feel like you are being upsold (into a product/kit that does not truly fit your needs), if you don’t feel a connection with the person who is enrolling you or going to be your sales rep…. then look elsewhere. Otherwise, it can be a very viable avenue for some of us.

      My next ‘side project’ to earn more money and get into an even better financial place is to continue making art and actually start to sell some. I’m excited about it!
      Sending peace, health, joy, and abundance to all! XO

    • Jim Harmer says

      I couldn’t agree more about being careful to watch for the scams. There are TONS of them out there for holding “parties” and having someone come sell at them, or medical billing scams, etc.

      I wrote about a few of the ways that have actually worked for me to earn income from home here.

      I have been working from home for a little over a year, and just wanted to share with you ladies what has and has not worked for me.

    • says

      Another great direct sales company is AdvoCare. They are a wellness and nutrition company and have been around for 20+ years. Startup cost is minimal and the opportunity is great…we get paid 5 ways! Very reputable company and a household name these days. http://www.advocaitstore.com

    • says

      There are a ton of scams out there with DS companies. Always check them out on BBB and google it before signing up. Paparazzi Accessories is great! They are quality jewelry for very reasonable prices. I make 45% on everything I sell! And there is no requirement to purchase from them every month if you don’t want to. You can buy as little or much as you want. Check out my website paparazziaccessories.com/25945.

  6. says

    I’ve been promoting Zeal for Life for 9 months. I also have a traditional business. My Zeal just got off the ground this last month, due to my own lack of effort. Amazing products, company, leadership & comp plan. So Excited to see what March brings, now that I’ve put some effort in! :)

  7. says

    I have an online boutique with Sass n Frass! We sell women’s and children’s clothing and accessories, pet accessories, home decor, makeup, essential oils, soy candles, etc. You earn 25% on all your sales. It’s all online unless you want to keep stock on hand to sell. You can email me for more info or to sign up. adw711@yahoo.com Thanks!

  8. Sarah says

    These are great! I’d like to share another one as well. It’s very simple, you can watch videos, take surveys, play games and even just click on websites.

    http://www.instagc.com/631111 Can cash out at any time or select goals to get free giftcards.

  9. says

    I Just found out about a premium nutritional product line by Le-vel called Thrive. I personally use it and I feel awesome. I get mine for Free for just referring 2 people. But because I’m a Thrive Brand Promoter, I get awesome income as well. This company has had over 400% growth last year! I really want to share it with every one.. calayon.Le-vel.com! Or just email me and we can arrange to answer any questions you may have, alayon_Christina@Yahoo.com :-)

  10. says

    Great company that allows you to work from home helping friends and family save money on their electric and/or gas bill. Earn free energy and additional income! Only available in states that have been deregulated. So compare for yourself and see why more electric and natural gas Customers throughout California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia and Washington, D.C. are choosing Ambit Energy as the best choice in energy today. *No door to do selling and no cold calling* Contact me for more information at

    Saving money on a monthly energy bill is NEVER a hard-sell. Ambit Energy.

  11. says

    I’ve had a home-based direct sales business for 19 1/2 years, and it has worked beautifully alongside my family of 6 kids and a military husband – and I still love it (which is nice to be able to say after all this time!) Contact me at ChefJillPC@aol.com if you’d like to learn more about it and see if it might be a good fit for you :)

  12. says

    I would love to add Monat, a revolutionary new hair care line to your list of direct sale companies. Launched this past October, Monat has amazing products which are naturally based without harmful chemicals and have been scientifically proven to make hair stronger, longer, and more youthful. I have never had volume the way I do now! Check out my website for more information. The company has one of the best compensation plans in the business as well. http://pennycox.mymonat.com

  13. Masa Nozawa says

    I am a first time mom committed to staying home for the first couple years and hv been looking for a way to make some supplemental income from home throughout my whole pregnancy. I tried affiliate marketing for a while but didn’t find it to be too lucrative for me. I stumbled upon this wellness company in a pregnancy forum and gave it a try mainly because it is a online store similar to walmart that has the products that we buy every month anyway.. laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, cleaning stuff, bath stuff (soap, lotion, shampoo), etc and the products are cheaper, eco friendly and shipped directly to you. The rev sharing side is also very simple, just refer ppl to the store and you get paid for each person but even more you get a residual income 10-20% of each person’s order moving forward EVERY month after they sign up when they come back and shop! So I have about twenty of my family and friends shopping from the store now only months into it and I receive a check of about five hundred dollars EVERY month with out ANY work! And as I refer more ppl that check will increase. I think it is great and I’m hooked on the products as well. Check it out at http://fortuneandwellness.com/

  14. says

    I am a stay at home mom and home school my children. I found I can make some extra money selling home schooling kits to other moms. I hope this helps, maybe an add to the list?

    Thanks for the great post, I may use some of these too.

  15. says

    I am a stay at home mom, wife and a crossfit coach. I just started selling Rodan + Fields. The reason I got hooked on the company was because my husband had terrible acne. He started the unblemish regimen and it truly changed his life. I personally use reverse and LOVE it! I believe in this company because it changes lives. Not just the people buying the products but the consultants. You truly cannot succeed in this business without helping others. I have met so many wonderful women through this company. Some not even in person and their friendship and willingness to help amazes me!

  16. says

    I am a stay at home mom with my own online business.
    Love having the freedom to work on my own terms, but still making a fulltime living doing so.
    Affiliate marketing has been the answer for me!!


    • Michelle says


      I have 4 kids and would love to stay home with them. How do you become an affiliate marketer? Many thanks in advance!

      • gray says

        Email me at graysue30@aol.com. I am making a full.time income with a no touch health and weight loss product. plus use lost 30 pounds never thought it was possible but is really happening. I would love to help others get started

    • Mariam says

      Hi Vicky,

      Thanks for posting ideas and it’s an inspiration. Could you please guide how to go into affiliate stores? I would really appreciate that, since for me going outside for work is nearly impossible. I would really appreciate it, thanks!

    • Christi says

      I have an 11 month old and another baby due in Sept. I would love more information about how you got started in what you’re doing.

  17. says

    I just wanna add another MLM for a company I work for called ItWorks! We sell those crazy wraps that allow you to lose inches in as little as 45 minutes. If anyone is in interested in selling I can sign you up to be a distributor, just click on my website and send me a message. We also have other amazing products as well such as Greens and have a whole facial care line. Really great organic stuff and pays extremely well. :) http://kellyh90.myitworks.com/

  18. says

    I have been teaching conversational English to Japanese students online now for about 2 years at a Japanese site called speakeikaiwa.com. I don’t have any teaching qualifications but it doesn’t matter as Japanese students just want to talk with a native speaker. The money is great! I charge from between $20 to $45 a class for a one hour lesson.

    My brother in law started doing this around five years ago after losing his job and does it now as his full-time income. I gave it a try after seeing how well he was doing and was surprised to see how easy it was to get students. He has a blog page that explains the shortcuts to getting started. http://conversationarena.blogspot.com.au/

    The time difference with Japan is a bit of an issue, but if you are an early riser like me then you can earn some great pocket money.

    • Megan says

      Have you been able to keep income coming and how long do clients normally take lessons for?

      Seriously considering this.

      Thanks for the suggestion…first non selling idea in awhile. Lol.

    • Amber says

      Hello. I am looking into this myself now. Do you have any tips or suggestions for me?
      Thank you in advance!

  19. Camille says

    You can’t substitute teach while being a stay at home mom. I have my substitute teaching license and can’t use it because I chose to be a stay at home mom.

  20. says

    I didn’t see ebates on your list of ways to earn cash from home. I love it and love to spread the word. For anyone who shops online, either often or even just every now and then, can earn a free gift card, cash back, and referral rewards through ebates, all for just shopping online and referring others to shop online. Here’s my link if you want to check it out (just in time for the holiday shopping – that’s when I tend to earn the most!).


  21. says

    I am a stay at home mom and my work is my passion! That is why I would love other moms looking for work from home ideas to know about this. I’ve been a beachbody coach since 2011 and my job is to encourage young and busy moms like myself that they can get their body back in shape and have more energy and confidence with at home workouts and an amazing and positive peer-support group! These relationships turn into deeper friendships over the years. This business if it becomes a passion can also reward you not just with extra income, but income to buy a new house, car, and even retire your spouse from the military.

    Thank you for letting me share this opportunity on your blog!

    • Marilee says

      How do you become a Beachbody Coach? I use several of their exercise DVD’s and I would really enjoy coaching. Thanks!

  22. dymond says

    I am a stay at home mom and my husband lost his job a few months ago so I started to look for ways to make fast money online. I searched everywhere and came across cashcrate . They pay you to take surveys and offers. It is a great site and it allows you to make money quickly without doing much work. They start you off with 1.00 just for signing. If any one is interested go and check it out. http://www.cashcrate.com/5570597 it is a great opportunity

  23. Missy says

    I have earned over $400 this year… and I know I could have earned more if I put the time into it. In the morning while I drink coffee and at night when I watch tv I just run videos and do small online tasks) – the neat thing is that you can cash out immediately and choose a variety of 100 different gift cards – or get a check. Christmas will be great this year!

    Go to: http://www.instagc.com/188973 and sign up! Moderated online chat helps you out and you meet people (unanimously) from all over! Even kids 13+ can join in and earn some gaming gift certificates! Super place!

  24. Audra lynn says

    I have been doing surveys , I do them whe my kids are watching nick jr , or playing outside. I can put them down and finish when I break up the fight they pay you pay pal, not a lot but it. All ads up most pay 1-2$ some pay 15 They are about 10-20 mins long
    please give it a try you have nothing to loose it doesn’t cost anything

      • says

        Hi Galit! I just wanted to make sure you received the information you asked for. I did not see a reply to your question. Are you still looking for further information on Usborne Books & More?

  25. Petra says

    Hi everyone! I started working from home a year ago when I got pregnant with my now 3 month old son. After searching and researching every ally to replace at least a portion of my previous income I stumbled on a couple different options. Luckily a speak another language so translating became my most lucrative source of income. I found a website that compiled a ton of translation opportunities into one location. There was a small start up fee but if you don’t like it they will give you a full refund. It was worth every penny to me. http://tinyurl.com/n9nryw7
    I also found I was pretty decent at writing press releases, blogs, proofreading and many other writing projects. I did not get rich at either of these two programs but they did give our family the breathing room we needed to cover bills and provide for a new baby without having to return to work. Follow this link to check out the writing page:

    Hope one of these can help you as much as it has helped my family.

  26. Asia Curry says

    I stopped working at 4 months and now am making 2-3k/mo with my online business. I like the ways mentioned above to earn money but I favor more passive forms of income. Things that require initial setup but low maintenance once setup is complete. you can get free info here on how to make money online —–> http://bit.ly/1ojCZBZ

  27. says

    The link in the listing is not available. If you are interested in a small investment of $15.00 and have friends and family, then Avon is the place to supplement your household income. Do you know that Avon is not just about makeup and skin care any longer. They have everything (candles, jewelry, clothing, gifts, shoes, boots, etc.)

  28. Marguerite says

    Hi. I’m currently a teacher, but I really need a side job because my debt is eating me alive! I used to work as a chyron operator for a tv news station inputting all of the words, scores, etc.. That you see on the screen. I’m an incredibly fast typist and have wondered how people get into jobs transcribing close-captioned shows? I recently watched a live broadcast for the installation of our local. Bishop and the closed captioning was awful!! I thought, “I could do this!” Also, how do people get involved in test proctoring, etc… I really need help :)
    Thanks in advance!!

    • says

      I saw your post and thought I best respond. I am a certified shorthand reporter ( commonly known as a court reporter. ) We are state licensed, here in California. In order to achieve this certificate, you must go through a trade school to earn your certificate. Typically you start out at writing 60 words per minute of shorthand – – a theory that you must learn to write on a different type of machine that is not a typewriter. You can be the fastest typist in the world, however, and maybe not get the knack of the shorthand theory as quickly. In California you must pass a 200 words per minute test in order to become licensed. Captioners, that you read on the screen on TV, are typically licensed court reporters. Because you are writing verbatim what people say in real time, and you write phonetically, you will see things in captioning that are not spelled correctly but will be written phonetically for the hearing impaired to hopefully understand. Not every word in the world can be in your captioning dictionary, that is why you see things misspelled. Remember, captioning is for the hearing impaired. Typically they are thrilled with the captions. Go online and look up the trade schools for captioners. It pays incredibly well, but it can take years to get certified, FYI.
      Hope this helps!

    • Ashley says

      Check out Rev captioning. I’m applying with them currently. I don’t know how much they pay but they have you do a few tests before they hire you. It’s all online.

  29. Anna says

    i went to a French class and the teacher listed one of the benefits of knowing a second language is you can do translating work at home. She used to make $50 a page when she was a SAHM. My husband is a professor and he has had to hire a translator to translate journal articles coming out of other countries that were relevant to his own research.

  30. suzanne dunn says

    I just have a question. I know that legitimate places hire people to do things like customer service and data entry things like that at home. Here is my problem where i was in these lines of work prior to becoming a mortgage processor then leaving the work place when my husband was offered a promotion if we lived closee to his work. Since then i have looked but fear scams. How do you find legitimate work?

  31. says

    The light bulb moment came on for me when I was on maternity leave with my 2nd (now 20 months) and I realized I was done trading my time for money. But the bigger lightning bolt realization was that I didn’t have to “settle” for a little bit of extra, supplementary income – that in the wonderful world of online and online marketing, I could start a legitimate business, working a couple of hours from home making significant money. While on maternity leave, I was completely consumed (some would say “obsessed”) with learning about all the different ways to earn passive income – generating streams of income that comes in regularly with little to no effort once you’ve started it up. I studied tirelessly (yes even during 3 a.m. feedings!) from successful entrepreneurs who have done this. There are a few cool opportunities I am embarking on, but the one that resonated with me the most was learning how to sell your own private label products on Amazon – I found an amazing course created by 2 guys who have learned to do it and it has honestly changed my life. While not for everyone, I encourage everyone to look at these kinds of opportunities – that working at home as a full-time parent does not preclude you from starting up a business that generates SIGNIFICANT income. It doesn’t necessarily take all your time – that’s the beauty of passive income!

    • says

      If you’re referring to DS Domination, please don’t! Those 2 guys are very unethical and they are spreading their blackhat methods. At some point the you know what is going to hit the fan. Stay away from DS Domination people! FTC will eventually shut them down.

  32. says

    I’m a veteran homeschooling mom. My son enrolled in college at age 16 with college level math. He was even hired to be a math tutor at the college. When my husband saw how well I taught him math, he encouraged me to write a series of books to show others my method of teaching math. I took his advice and wrote the Learn Math Fast System. Today my books have sold in all 50 states plus several other countries and the results have been amazing. This is how I made money from home and if you have a way to promote my books I have a promo code for you. You can earn money from home by sending out posts about my books on your social media networks.
    Let us know if you are interested.

    Thank you,

  33. says

    I was a former promotional model but had four children that kept me so busy that I had to put my desire for pursuing any personal own identity and dream such as modeling aside. They are now grown ( in their early 20’s ) and my youngest is a senior in high school. The thought of trying it again has come up and pursuing it now at age 44….well …it is not always a rational thing as they consider over 28 over the hill in the modeling world. I have since done about everything mentioned above except blogging..my pictures on instagram are no older then 5 years ago some as recent as a week to a few days ago like the ones n the gym. I am working out as my first step to decide what this next chapter of my life has in store. Any nice suggestions are welcome. I am a firm believer in that it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

  34. Sommer says

    Hi ladies! We are starting to prepare for me to become a SAHM so I have been looking for ideas to cushion our savings until then. I am going to try cashcrate for a little more help. But, It Works is another company that should be added to the list. Just this month the company gave out $20,000 to 20 people as part of their Get Out Of Debt program. It is an amazing company with amazing, all natural health, wellness, and skin products. Check out my website sommerdavis.myitworks.com or email me at scdavis612@gmail.com for more information

    • Henry says

      Very informative, thanks for sharing .There are many Ways to make money online, search for it and you’ll find hundreds of them. That is because these days everybody wants to learn how to make money on the Internet without a job. Some of these work at home jobs are legitimate and real methods of making money on the web and others are pure scams and get rich quick schemes.
      Cashcrate is my favorite site and the one that I’ve received the most checks from. I’ve been doing it for about a year now and honestly have never had a problem with it . I have made close to $3000 using this great Get Paid To Site. The amazing part is I’ve spent only about 6 hours a week on this site and I’ve earned $300 in 1 month! I can’t urge you enough to try it out for yourself.
      CashCrate is 100% legit, and is the best online source of income available! Sign up TODAY and start EARNING!

      • Mireed Dolphin says

        Sorry! But, I have bee using “Cash Crate” for the past 5 months & the only that I have made is: $7.00! Why? Because they send me these silly surveys that I qualify for. Then once I have wasted my time, I get the: Oh! We’re sorry but you don’t qualify for this survey. I’m learning the HARD way that you can’t make a regular extra income doing surveys from home AT ALL so sorry but I haven’t had the luck that you have had a all!

        • says

          Most of these suggestions are so bad and do NOT make any money for anyone…not decent money! Surveys, blogs etc. I’ve had a blog for over a year on healthy living and organic foods and I made $10 so far. I’m so sick of all the scams and sites leading to nowhere. I really need a PT at home job where I can make some decent cash -$1000 at least extra without spending a fortune.

          • says

            I’ve had a home-based direct sales business for 19 1/2 years, and it has worked beautifully alongside my family of 6 kids and a military husband – and I still love it (which is nice to be able to say after all this time!) Contact me at ChefJillPC@aol.com if you’d like to learn more about it and see if it might be a good fit for you :)

            • Breanna says

              I was wondering what exactly is your business? I currently work full-time as a leasing agent for a apartment community but i have a 10 month old that i would like to stay home with. She is my first and i feel like I’m missing out on all her new adventures. If you could please give me a little more details on how you could possibly help that would be great!

              Thank you,


          • gray says

            Making a lot of money witb plexus slim and lost 30 pounds. almost a year in and my checks just keep getting bigger. no inventory to touch either. Email me at graysue30@aol.com and I can give you more info

    • says

      Hi Sommer,

      I can help you get clear about what you want to do and help you find the right stay at home Mom for you. Take a look at my site: http://www.bloomingconfidence.com it says self-confidence but I also help women find their passion, the one they are meant to pursue that will generate the success they desire. I can help you find yours.

  35. says

    What a great site! I am also a doterra wellness advocate! I love my essential oils! We have learned to transfer over all of our medicine cabinet and I clean my home using all essential oils at a fraction of the cost! I love the Lifelong Vitality Pack! It has changed my life! Aside from being Theraputic grade we also have a great foundation called Healing Hands that is amazing! Please contact me for further information- I’m looking for other like minded moms who care about the toxins that we expose our families to! I’m looking to become a stay at home mom! Thank you all in advance!

  36. says

    This is really helpful! I just started my own blog at the end of July. I’m still getting used to web design and promoting my site to get more traffic. I’m glad you mentioned that these jobs still take dedication and hard work.

    Great post and I love your site!

  37. says

    While I homeschooled my 3 kids, I raised Maine Coon Cats at home. Puppies are more costly to get into, in time and in material costs, but they sell for more money, and if you’re gifted in training and obedience, you can make double. The kids loved it, and were actually a vital part in socializing the kittens that were raised underfoot. It’s incredibly enjoyable, and if you have a barn or separate building that you can renovate for ease of cleaning up after animals, you can raise enough to decently supplement your income. You will have to do some things you may not like, like clean up after messy babies, and give shots. But you meet great people if you put your price up high enough. I haven’t seen a terrible drop in sales even with the present recession, although I am not pursuing it actively any longer. I still sell 2 litters a year. I pays my property taxes. Check out my website!

  38. dymond says

    I am a stay at home mom and I started looking for things to do to make money. So I started to Google about it and I found out about cashcrate so I signed up and instantly I started making money. For just signing up I believe they gave me 1.50 to start of with. It is a great way to make money and not have to leave home to do so. This is the link to the page http://www.cashcrate.com/5570597 if anyone is interested check it out.

  39. says

    Thank you for these suggestions for finding ways to earn money as a stay-at-home mom. Might I also add modeling & acting. Many cities have opportunities for mommies & kids to get paid to model & act & they don’t even realize it. I didn’t until a friend, who is also a pastor’s wife, got me started. It’s fun & I’ve seen my children blossom in the areas of confidence & self esteem + they get paid to do it!

  40. Tanisha says

    Thank you guys so much for being so selfless in sharing such helpful information! I’m so grateful to all of you, now I just have to start looking and applying. I’m always praying to God to lead the way, and I feel it’s no accident that I found this site.

    Thank You :o)

  41. says

    I’ve been a consultant for a Lemongrass Spa for 8 months. In the last 4 I’ve replaced my minimum wage full time job. I love sharing healthy & natural every day products with my friends and family. It’s been such a blessing to educate people and help them make healthy choices. I love LGS. With less than 2000 consultants were such a small company that there’s so much room for growth that it’s insane.

  42. says

    It’s hard. I’ve tried a lot of things. Some jobs require sales, and the fact is I stink at selling things — especially because all the people I could sell to are as poor as I am! Starting my own business of almost any kind requires money; I failed at that because I couldn’t build it up large enough to see if it could make a big splash without going into debt. The risk was too great, so I started out very small but then I didn’t have enough products, nice enough packaging, etc., to sell very much at all. I still dream of starting an Etsy craft store, but that holds the same risk — craft supplies can be expensive!

    I did at-home transcription for awhile for a professor. She wasn’t a native English speaker and she needed someone to simultaneously type and correct her dissertation while she dictated it. I also have tutored a bit, and if I could get more clients I’d do it now! I guess what it took for me was realizing my gifts. I feel embarrassed taking money for anything that isn’t really the BEST it could be, and for skills I’m only sort of good at (hair cutting, sewing, photography) I wasn’t really worth spending money on. But I AM highly educated, with a college degree and teaching experience. That is one field where I know what I’m doing and know people are getting their money’s worth. I don’t feel bad at all charging $20 an hour or more, and people are happy to pay it because they are getting a good value.

    The big issue that has gotten in the way of each of these, though, is the kids. With most of these jobs, you need to have dedicated time when the kids won’t need you and you can really focus on them. So if your kids go to school, or have a certain amount of childcare, or your husband can help at some point, it’s good. But if you have toddlers and babies who are always underfoot — there honestly is very little you can do, because they really are taking up your time! You HAVE a job, and if you try to fit another job into that job, you’re going to be shortchanging someone — at the very least, yourself.

    All things to consider when asking the question, “could I work from home?”

    • says

      Sheila’s comment is the one I relate to the most. Over the years, I have struggled with finding a work/home balance, going to work for a year or two only to leave work and return to a full time unpaid position as Mom. The hardest part is BELIEVING that our unpaid job at home is enough! My husband fully supports me, yet somehow I manage to guilt myself into thinking raising my kids and caring for my home & family isn’t enough because it has no monetary value. It’s also difficult to maintain your individual identity as an at-home mom. I used to be interesting! I don’t even know how to answer the question “What do you do?” anymore. I can give you a list of what I’ve done in the past and what I’d like to do in the future!

      My husband is a soldier so we relocate often. I am a licensed Nail Technician. I chose this because I thought it might be something I could enjoy doing as an at-home part-time business and could do it anywhere we lived. Unfortunately, our current city of residence doesn’t allow in-home beauty businesses! Gaining licensing in each new state is too much of a hassle to try to keep up while also a mom at home, especially if I can’t provide services from home. I am a consultant for a bath, body & beauty company and while I use and believe in the products, I am not a salesperson and don’t get out much to meet new people to share it with. I used to be a professional singer and was a licensed insurance producer once upon a time (let that go because of the licensing hassle!). Have been a retail merchandiser… even worked as a part-time church secretary! My resumé is a potpourri of job titles!

      My husband and I chose for me to stay home with our youngest. I worked through the pregnancy and shortly after he was born (church secretary). At that point, my income was little more than what we paid for others to care for our baby. Just silly! And which one of us do you think left work when the kids got sick or had school events, etc.?!?

      While we have little ones and choose to stay home and care for them, we’ve got to embrace that role! It is a privelege to be able to do so. I speak from experience as I’ve also been a single (divorced), full-time working parent. That doesn’t mean we can’t plan and set goals for the future. I find that being aware of changes and trends in the nail industry and self-education keeps my future plans within reach. Childhood is temporary. I’m going to be the best at-home mom & wife I can be and when my son starts school, I’m also going to be a kick butt Nail Tech!

      Julie Jacobs
      Army Wife
      Mom of 3 great kids ages 18, 13 & 3!
      Future money maker! Lol!

  43. Melissa says

    I do three jobs from home that have not been mentioned. 1. Book reviewing. Started off reviewing online for the payment of free books, and now I review for a national publication and get paid for it. 2. At home standardized test grading through Pearson scoring. This is seasonal, you do have to have a degree and some expertise, but the pay is excellent. 3. I am an internet assessor for Lionbridge. I have been doing this for almost two years now and it is great work that can be done any time of the day or night. You do have to do testing to qualify to work for them, plus meet quality standards every month.

    • says

      I am disabled and seeking a way to supplement my income and you have a few suggestions on working from home.
      My question would be how to begin…how do you find a company that will allow me to read books for free books or payment. Also the internet assessor sounds like an awesome job; however I’m not sure how to reach companies that allow you to work from home that are not a scam.
      Thank you for any advise you can provide.
      Rebecca Gunter

    • Joan Nelson says

      could you send me some information on how you get into the 3 business you mention would sure appreciate it

      Thank you,

  44. says

    I’m a distributor for a premier health and wellness company called Advocare. Average $1,000 per month right now and before this time next year I will exceed my full time income to work from home on my own terms :-) Having a friend introduce me to Advocare has been one of the best things that has happened to my family! http://www.advocare.com/131110281

  45. Jen says

    Great post! I love how mamas are so energetic and inspired to be there for their kiddos and contribute to the family income. We are amazing, aren’t we!?!

    I am a nurse, and I work mostly nights, mostly weekends. I would LOVE to stay home all the time, but I need to work for health benefits because my husband is self employed. We homeschool and it gets hairy sometimes. However, I am thankful for my work and the opportunity to serve others.

    It would be wonderful to find a way to utilize my skills and training from home.

    Thanks for the ideas and encouragement. I dream of being a farmer (smiles) and selling our extra eggs, milk, and produce someday. We won’t get rich (who cares!?!) from it but we would love every minute.

  46. Rena says

    Radiantly you is a great company to work with. Just starting myself with them their products are all natural and offer a great opportunity. Please add them to your list also for earning an income at home. They give back in many ways .
    In the month of July every $50 order provided a week worth of meals for a child. So check them out for a great opportunity with a great company. http://www.radiantlyyou.com/Renars

  47. says

    You definitely need to add Radiantly You to your list! :) The company just launched on June 28th, 2014. We sell affordable (everything under $20!) natural personal care and cleaning products. Every single ingredient is listed on the label, total transparency. We source the best quality ingredients. In fact, our founder, Melissa Brown, just traveled to Africa to meet the farmers that supply our sustainable palm oil. This month (almost over) for every $50 order, RY is providing a week’s worth of meals for a child in the village where Melissa visited. RY is giving back in so many ways! Such an awesome company to work for! Please check them out! http://www.radiantlyyou.com/ErinRF

      • Erin says

        Hi Sarah! I didn’t follow the comments on this post so I didn’t know you asked a question. I just started in April and each month has been different. It depends on how much effort you put into it. Radiantly You is not a party company and there are no monthly quotas so you can share however you want and sell. My team is definitely growing though. I have and 5 people join me and 3 more who are considering it! Email me if you have more questions. erin.radiantyou@gmail.com

  48. says

    Excellent resource and great blog post topic – thank you!

    We rent out a room in our house and have for years. Easiest way to make $500-700 a month that I’ve ever experienced! We have a 3 bedroom house with 3 kids in one room, renter in another, and the baby with us. Works just fine with lots of great community benefits both ways. She even helps clean the kitchen and babysit as part of her payment!

    On that same note, we are going to be renting out our pop-up tent trailer on airbnb.com so if any families want an inexpensive, relaxed place to stay in Santa Barbara – look us up!

    I also blog, edit books for publishing, speak at minor events, consign and craigslist items, & just started doTerra, but haven’t made a regular killing at any of those yet. I enjoy them all, though, so I’m okay if I don’t.

    However I’m not just about creating more income, but also finding unique ways to save, so here are some ideas, including clothing swaps, free babysitting, and co-buying a house!


    Thanks again! And nice to “meet” you… =)

  49. says

    Love this post! Super helpful…I blog casually but am attempting to get serious with it. I have also had some success with selling things on eBay. I will definitely refer back to this post as I am constantly looking for creative ways to bring in some income.

  50. Anna says

    I am a face painter, a few youtube videos later, and make $60/hr at big events and $40/hr for birthday parties.

  51. Janet Miller says

    I sell my baking. I’m a stay at home mom but most of my friends are busy professional moms, so come November I start taking orders for Christmas baking. I then use all the money I make on Christmas gifts so it never cuts into our household budget!

  52. says

    TreSkinRX does direct sales differently! I am a stay at home mom and LOVE working with TreSkinRX, an organic, pharmaceutical grade aloe vera based skincare line. We don’t require our consultants to do parties or carry stock, we just encourage them to share our story and our $15 2-Week Trial Kits. Customers love our products and love that they aren’t asked to buy into full size products before trying our line. We are a young company and the opportunity for growth is HUGE. You can learn more about our Made in the USA line of products (and yes, the organic, pharmaceutical grade aloe vera is grown and harvested in Texas!) on my web site: my.treskinrx.com/sharonshai

  53. De Ann Sharkey says

    I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and am soooo thankful for it! I have an amazing team and group of ladies that are positive, encouraging and helpful!! I fit it in the nooks and crannies since my main job is mommy of three smart, funny children and wife to an smart, caring man! I used to be a Postmaster and I am completely thankful to my friend for sharing her business with me ( a very unlikely candidate…lol) And, I also cook and bake a lot and make fun, healing “potions” with my Doterra oils. I was able to resign from the P.O. and never looked back! There has been rough times but I would never give up this huge Blessing I have been given. http://www.marykay.com/dwillis-sharkey

  54. says

    I have done several jobs from home since 2005. I have worked as an online directory editor, internet marketing, social media marketing, SEO and worked for Arise Inc as a chat agent. Most recently I have been doing IDLife which is wonderful because it is the only nutrition company where you take a HIPAA compliant health assessment and get customized nutrition based on your health conditions, family medical history, lifestyle, dietary habits and medications. Organic and GMO free as well! Also very inexpensive! The site is under my son’s name because he leaves for college next month and this is a business we are doing to help him with his college expenses. RatRaceRebellion.com has a spreadsheet listing 100s of companies who hire customer service and tech support agents from home which brings me to what my husband has been doing for about 9 years from home. He is a tech support agent for Transcom. There are so many options, but now that my children are getting older I am getting a job outside the home for a season. I have 6 kids and the youngest 2 are twins who are 16. Since we homeschool and my husband works from home, I am able to do that now. :) Hope this list of things we have done helps someone.

  55. Bethany says

    What I have recently begun doing hasn’t been mentioned here. ESL teaching/tutoring in my home. No real training is necessary, but it is helpful. I am certified with NAMB.
    I have volunteered with many church International/Cross-cultural English conversation programs over the last several years, and was approached by one of our students to teach her husband English during the summer. So far he is my only student, but it is providing a little extra income so my husband can take off of work after our baby is born (due in 4 weeks!).

  56. says

    I share our families love of books with Usborne Books & More! I started 10 months ago and have had amazing success! Usborne’s mission is powerful, spreading literacy and giving kids hope! There are many avenues and ways to work your Usborne Business from Home Parties to book drives for Foster Kids! For the next 7 days it’s only $69 to join a $375 Value! http://bit.ly/UsborneBooksInfo

  57. Amy says

    I’m a Certified Lactation Counselor. Like being a doula, it does take passion, effort and a bit of money to get started, but if you love breastfeeding and helping, it’s wonderful. Google “Healthy Children Center for Breastfeeding.”

  58. says

    I am an independent consultant for Scentsy and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! It brings in extra income each month and I get to spend precious time at home with my baby girl. She loves being my handy helper when orders come in too! My family and I were using so many Scentsy products that I decided to become a consultant. If anyone has questions about becoming a consultant, please feel free to contact me!

  59. says

    I am a freelance website designer/developer and graphic designer. I design and built websites, design logos and other marketing materials (fliers, business cards, brochures, signs, etc.), and offer a plethora of online marketing services (SEO, social media management, blogging, and more). I taught myself how to do all of this stuff when I decided to quit my higher ed job to be a stay-at-home mom. The thing that is the most awesome about this is that not only can I do it from home, but because there are no sales parties and very little face-to-face client interaction (most everything is via email), I can also do it during whatever hours work for me. I actually do the bulk of my work after bedtime and during non-traditional business hours, so it takes very little away from time with my girls.

    • Shelly Lowell says

      How do you get work as doing that? It sounds like we are quite similar but even after placing ads on Craigslist I just get a bunch of scam email replies.

  60. Jennifer says

    I am a paralegal. I used to work in an office full time until I had my son who is now 2 years old. I now work mostly from home over email and telephone for two attorneys. I also get files dropped off/picked up for me to work on. When earning money for college, I also did children’s magic shows, played violin for weddings and taught violin lessons. I also used to dabble in sewing. I would charge for basic mending and hemming ie buttons and school uniforms.

    • Christine Gonzales says

      Hi, Jennifer…I am a paralegal as well. Do you find it is better/easier if you are certified or licensed by your state as a paralegal to do what you do? I am currently working in a traditional office setting. How do you charge for your work (if you don’t mind me asking)? Thanks.

  61. Christine says

    I am a doula and childbirth educator and I do freelance writing – mainly magazine articles and ghostwriting on textbroker.com, but I’m also working on a novel I plan to have published.

  62. says

    I have been doing Mary Kay for a year now. I didn’t start with a store by choice and Am doing very well with it. I work about 10 hours each week. I have profited in 16 days $1030.00 from sales only. I am not a SAHM by choice my kids are older but wanted to share this with you all on here. Pleaseer me know if you have any questions. My website is http://www.marykay.com/kigden89.

  63. says

    I have been doing Mary Kay for a year now. I didn’t start with a store by choice and Na doing very well with it. I work about 10 hours each week. I have profited in 16 days $1030.00 from sales only. I am not a SAHM by choice my kids are older but wanted to share this with you all on here. Pleaseer me know if you have any questions. My website is http://www.marykay.com/kigden89.

  64. Megan says

    I recently became involved with a company called Melaleuca, which is a wellness company with a huge variety of products, but is NOT an MLM so there is no required stock or big financial commitment. Just help people lean about another option for shopping that is a little healthier and greener. I haven’t become established enough to stay home with my kiddo, but that’s
    my goal!

  65. Kayla says

    This was a helpful list & I plan to look into several I hadn’t thought of already. You mentioned baked goods but I have earned some income with canned goods as well; yes check with local & state laws first.

  66. Beth R says

    I have an alterations business. I do mostly bridal, bridesmaids, and prom alterations. There is a huge need for affordable bridal alterations because the stores overcharge so much! I make about $30/hour doing alterations! It is a huge time commitment, and causes lots of schedule interruptions, especially during wedding and prom season. But at least it is somewhat flexible and I can be home more! Requires some training and experience, but if you are willing to work hard the pay is great! I do virtually NO advertising, it’s all word of mouth and have built a large client base in only 6-7 years.

  67. says

    Awesome list! I am a stay at home mom and Navy wife! I started my own business with It Works Global, a health and beauty company. I LOVE it! There are so many ways for stay at home moms to actually bring in an income while taking care of their family and home. Just do your research and find something that you can be passionate about!

    • Eva says

      I’m with It Works too! OTOM! Lol. I really enjoyed this list though. I’ve done a few of these myself as well as finding items cheap at garage sales, pawn shops, etc and reselling on ebay, real estate photography (look up Velocity REOS, the y contract nationwide), making flower clips, and what I’m doing (and loving) now with It Works. In a few months, I’ll be going back to school for Alternative medicine, so that should open some more doors as well.

      It’s like others have said start with something you want to learn more about or already enjoy and see how far you can go with it. If you don’t enjoy it, it won’t stick or work out as well as you’d like it to. Thank you for the post! :-)

  68. says

    I have been using and promoting Thrive for several months and the product is amazing for this stay at home mom! I have 3 teenagers that are always wanting to go go go! I used to take a nap every afternoon or sleep late, now I’m up before my husband and can keep up with the kids! Oh and it was free to sign up as a promoter! Can’t beat that! http://Www.teresajackson79.le-vel.com

  69. says

    Love! Always looking for extra ways to earn money and be home with my kids! I have my own crochet/tutu dress business I started 3 years ago..and it’s grown and grown :) so it def is possible to earn money at home!

  70. Erica says

    While I agree that Bookkeeping can be done from home (since I do it) it does take a pretty high level of knowledge and isn’t for just anybody. It’s not just about managing a check book. It used to be something that could be learned kind of on the fly, but with complicated tax and employment laws these days it shouldn’t be done by someone who isn’t properly trained. There’s an awful lot of risk assumed by the Bookkeeper and in today’s sue happy society no one who doesn’t absolutely know what their doing should be doing it freelance without a support team. Just my 10 cents.

  71. says

    Some great tips here. I started doing freelance writing a few years ago and made an average of $500 a month. I was only able to work at night and when my kids were napping. Freelancing can be inconsistent but I’m happy to make a little less and be able to stay home with my kids.
    Melissa wadingthroughmotherhood.blogspot.com

  72. says

    I’m a fitness and nutrition coach with Team Beachbody. I help people reach their fitness and nutrition goals and get paid too do so. I also get a discount on the products. Which is awesome since I just about buy every workout program they come out with. Hello PiYo! I also drink Shakeology everyday for the weight loss/maintenance and health benefits. My team also receives training from the number 1 coach in the company. She makes in the 6 figure range and she has only been a coach for 3 years. Check out my website and see what you think. http://www.teambeachbody.com/amyfreemon under coach

  73. says

    I sold Tupperware for a few years when my children were young. It supplied me with more than a kitchen full for myself :) as well as wedding gifts, dance lessons, splurges at the salon for myself, and other misc. things. One of my friends sold Pampered Chef at the same time and we would do trades.

  74. Regina says

    DOULA! However, I’m not sure I would recommend this job as a side gig for SAHMs wanting to make a little extra money. For one, it requires a LOT of time, passion, and commitment for birthing families, and for another, you put in a LOT of time for not a lot of return, although it depends a little on your area and market. Just know, it will take a lot of time to get started and you won’t see much of a return on your investment for several years. There are multiple reason for why the doula field has such a high burnout rate.

    That said, I do love my work, it is truly my calling, after that of wife and mother, I’m making it work for us and our lifestyle. However, I’m working on building a business and a career (it “only” takes 4 births a month to be considered a fully-booked doula) and I really don’t think I’ll be able to call myself a SAHM once I reach my goals. Between consultations with potential clients, prenatal visits with current clients, births, postpartum and follow-up visits, etc., having 4 clients a month will keep me as busy as any full time job in the cube farm. I already leave my little ones with a babysitter one day a week so I can work on paperwork, studying, appointments, marketing, communicating with clients, etc., and my fullest month so far has only been 3 births.

    But in this same line of thought, another thing for SAHM who are passionate about informed birth to look into would be becoming a childbirth educator. You get to talk about your passion, but don’t have to be on-call and have regular hours! Plus, if doulaing is something you’d like to pursue, it’s generally pretty easy to move into that with most childbirth education certifications. And easy to market yourself too- who wouldn’t want to bring their experienced childbirth educator and all their knowledge at their birth?!

    Sorry, just realized I sorta wrote a novel…

    • Christine says

      I’m also a doula and totally agree with your assessment. It really has to be a calling.

  75. says

    My most successful stay-at-home money making venture has definitely been in home day care/babysitting. I have tried selling items that I have knit/made, but that is very hit and miss. I am a brand new blogger, so I haven’t made any money with that (not sure that I will?). This is a very detailed list. I’m definitely going to look into a few of these options. Thanks so much! I loved this line in your post – “I know from experience that somehow, in some way – things get better. Whether that be in heaven or on earth – tough times won’t last forever, and for that I am grateful.” This is so encouraging to me!

  76. says

    I’m a mom to four little girls ages 8-2 and for the past two years I have taught a Parent-Toddler class at my girls’schools, two mornings a week. My older girls are in school then and my toddler attends with me. It has been a wonderful way to generate a little extra income while encouraging other stay at home parents.

  77. Valerie says

    I am involved with a great company called Javita, they sell weight loss coffee and green tea as well as energy and mind coffee for those who want the energy with the abiblity to focus during the day without the weight loss (for those who don’t need to ) lol. http://www.myjavita.com/4betterhealth is my website if you are interested.

  78. says

    I write on a site called Bubblews.com. You get one cent per like, view, and comment each. Read other posts and they read yours. You can write up to ten posts a day. When it hits $50 you can cash out. The more active the better and the more connections you have to you the better.

    • Randi says

      Have you been writing with Bubblews long term? I keep seeing mixed reviews about this site.

  79. AmyC says

    I have something to add to the list!
    Reselling clothing on eBay!
    I hit up all the goodwill stores by me and out together “packages” of kids clothing (for example, 20 pieces of size 4T girls clothing) and then sell it for a profit.
    I also have good familiarity with popular women’s clothing (J.Crew, Anthropologie) and anytime I find those I sell those as well. I make a really decent amount of money doing it!

    • Erin McDaniel says

      Do you have any tips to get started with this? I have been wanting to try. I have tried to sell a couple things on Ebay but they didn’t sell. Thanks!

    • Betty says

      Just wondering if selling on eBay was worth it and how much the cost of selling would through them actually works. Thanks

      • Jenny says

        I started selling on eBay and have been able to make a nice supporting income for us. The key is being efficient when making your listings etc. so you can maximize your time as well as learning how to get your items to rank well in eBay’s search so more people see (and can buy) them. The book ‘eBay Sales Accelerators’ was a huge help to me – quick read and gives lots of tips on how to do this. Good luck!

  80. says

    I’ve been fortunate enough to stay at home as well. I began my own photography business before we had our oldest child and LOVE it! I’m also a distributor for It Works! Global ( that crazy wrap thing)! My mom started as a distributor and we were using so many products as a whole family that my husband and I agreed that we might as well earn money as well since we both believe in the company/products!

  81. says

    I teach piano lessons!!! It’s great, and because of our current financial situation I am able to offer barter deals for families who prefer that… This week I got a bag of fresh vegetables, as well as fresh eggs and pork from various students. I love it! I also have a few students who pay in cash, which I certainly don’t mind :-)

    • Jaslyn says

      I have a question re: piano lessons. I took lessons till I was told, “there’s nothing left to teach”. I have definite skill. But, how would I go about giving lessons, or teaching someone. I am at a loss at the teaching aspect of it. Any advice, books, how-to-give-lessons help you can offer up to me. I’d be very appreciative! Thanks!

    • ANNA says

      I was wondering why that one was missing from the list! Piano and other instruments and voice lessons. I’m so glad that the SAHM we know teaches piano to our daughter. :)

    • says

      Agree Emily! Love my R+D biz! Such an ethical company and it’s definitely not for everyone but their products are amazing.

  82. says

    My crafts (sewing, quilting, knitting, etc.) take a long time and it’s hard to get enough return so I reserve these for my family. Photography helps a little. An evening out here and there and editing while kiddos are in bed. :)

  83. says

    I’ve found that many crafts (knitting, sewing, quilting) take a long time and it’s hard to get enough return. Photography can help a little. An evening out here and there and editing when the kiddos are in bed. :)

  84. says

    I am a stay at home mama to four littles under 7. For all of those seven years, I looked for a way to make a little income on the side- not too much, as we are blessed with a GREAT job for my husband. But just a little. I dabbled on those survey sites, but made peanuts, then I moved to http://www.iwriter.com, where you write articles to drive traffic to sites, and that was a little better.. but I was spending roughly 4 hours a day doing it, which is more time than I had to spare.. I finally found my “happy place” with Jamberry- I started about 2 months ago, and ladies- THIS IS IT. I’ve already made well over 1,000$ with VERY little time- I’d say no more than 2 hours a day. It’s no gimmick- people WANT these, they are cheap, durable, and fabulous; a way to bring the pretty to those who don’t have the time or $$ to get to the salon only to have their money literally chip away within days. I’d love to chat with anyone who wants more information, it really is a “match made in heaven” for us stay-at-home mamas. :) OH, plus the start up is super cheap- 99$, which I paid off (and then some!) at my very first party.

  85. Ruth says

    Just make sure you do your research if you want to sell natural beauty products in Canada. Health Canada requires you to file a separate piece of paperwork for each product you produce.

  86. says

    I am doing the work from home gig too with Beachbody home fitness and nutrition products. Loving helping people with it and the money isn’t shabby either. This is a great list!

  87. says

    I started my own business as a Barefoot Books Ambassador. I fell in love with these gorgeous, high quality books with new and traditional stories from cultures around the world, and love sharing them with other families while creating an amazing home library for my own kids. Our mission is to Share Stories, Connect Families and Inspire Children. Can’t get much better than that! http://www.BarefootMagic.com

  88. says

    What a great article! I love reading ideas of things to do so I can stay home with my kids. I’m generally juggling 5-8 different stay-at-home-“jobs” at a time. My main on is making and selling items on Etsy and Facebook (crochet baby photo props https://www.etsy.com/shop/koreakids ). I also have a business with Young Living. However I do a couple that aren’t mentioned in the list above. I sort and organize for teachers. Basically people drop off boxes of school materials that have been in their classrooms and I organize them and they pick it back up, ready for the next teaching year or to be stored. I charge $10 an hour and am able to do that at home with my kids! I also do some bookkeeping for a small pest control company. She drops off all her receipts for the month and I input everything (income/expenses) in excel files so she has it ready for tax season. Also $10 an hr and I can do at night while the kids sleep. It’s not huge money, but every penny counts!

  89. Brandi H says

    A word of caution about selling baked goods: It is not legal in all states. Texas only recently passed a Cottage Foods bill allowing for the sale of *some* baked goods, but you have to follow certain rules to be legal. Please check your state laws before selling out of your home!

    • says

      This is very true. Make sure to contact your dept of agriculture to find out for sure. I make cakes, it can be frustrating and does require skill and a supportive demographic… that said, many a time the income had helped us survive and it funds our groceries each week.

  90. says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE to write, and I started this blog (my second one) a month ago. I would really love to grow it in some way that makes money. Any suggestions on how to make money from blogging? I would be eternally grateful! Thanks so much!

    • says

      It depends on what your blog is about. You can be an amazon affiliate advertise things and get a percentage of what people buy or check out share a sale where you also advertise. Or infolink where a word is highlighted and people may cross over it and you make a small amount of money. Join blogging networks they are also helpful.

  91. Jennifer Chapman says

    The link to the digital sewing patterns did not work for me. Can you repost it or share it in the comments? THank you!

  92. says

    I’m just starting out and want to learn more of Graphic Design, Having PSE do I need to upgrade to advance in this area? I hope to open a mini shop in the future…. Any thoughts or insights?

    • says

      You can try Inkscape! It’s free, similar to illustrator and you can find free tutorials all over the web :)

  93. says

    This is a wonderful list! I have been a stay-at-home mom for the last 7+ years and have attempted many things to fulfill my desire for an “outlet” of some sort. There are many scams out there, so it’s nice to see a list of legitimate ways to make money from home. I am doing #27 on your list. It’s a lot of FUN, and most of all gives me a creative outlet! :)

  94. says

    I am a consultant with Usborne Books & More. Not only am I able to make money to help support my family. I earn lots of amazing high quality books for my kids! My girls are developing a great love for reading and learning while I support our family. I love the life long impact I am making in children’s lives.

    • Rebekah Ninah says

      This sounds so interesting to me. WHat would I need to do to be involved with something like this? I am a SAHM with 3 girls and we love to read…..

      • says

        Hi Rebekah! I know it has been several months, but I wanted to make sure that you received the information you were inquiring about. I am an Independent Consultant and an Educational Consultant with Usborne Books and More. If you have any questions, I would love to answer them for you. You can email me directly through my website at http://www.shaunasbooknook.com

  95. josie says

    I have print design experience and don’t know much about today’s online marketing. I do know some social networking and WordPress. I have no idea how to start. Financially my husband and I are in quite a bind I don’t have a long time to start making money nor any money to start at all. We live in a small town and jobs are scarce or pay for working nights then I will not see my family. I like to write, helping others (have a nack for understanding teens), artistic, creative, crafty and have very diverse knowledge from many life experiences. I am capable of many things just have no idea how to start online and make decent money quickly without investing anything but time and talent. Truly in a pickle someone please help.

  96. says

    Hi there,
    If you know a little wordpress and you enjoy writing and helping others, affiliate marketing might be something for you.
    The best training program, free, that I have found is an online affiliate marketing training center. I have been a member for 7+ years and you can see my profile here:

    Will be happy to help you out if I can,


  1. Hi what is the best thing to do I always feel insecure I’m not intelligent, did’nt graduate college only a highschool graduate I feel so small, I also hate mathematics, computation. I want to have an income as a mother of 3 what is the best thing I…

    First of all, don’t think you’re not intelligent. You’re intelligent enough to write, to read, to do things, etc, etc. You’re like most of of us. You can learn everything online. You can give cooking lessons, learn web designing, start a blog, etc.…