End-of-Summer Sea Salt Exfoliating Foot Scrub

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe via Email or.RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Do your summer feet need a good scrub and pampering? Um, yeah. Mine sure do. I spent basically the whole summer running around the neighbourhood barefoot after my darling chicks. Okay that’s a lie, I don’t *run* per say…. 

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Waldorf Tuna Salad. Quick, easy, tasty, paleo lunch!

Waldorf Tuna Salad

Tuna. It’s one of those things most people either love or hate. For most of my life, I landed solidly in the “meh” camp. It was smelly, bland, and uninteresting, but edible. All I knew to do with it was mix it with Miracle Whip and put it between slices of bread for a really… 

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6 Small Habits to Increase Contentment When Life Isn't Easy Photo.jpg

6 Small Habits to Increase Contentment When Life Isn’t Easy

Post by Erin Long, contributor The couch is covered in unfolded laundry. The kitchen sink is pilled with dirty dishes. My unchecked ‘to-do’ list mocks me, my weekly goals are untouched. It’s already half an hour past bedtime and the kids are still running around, not even in their pjs. My husband asks where his… 

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How I Healed My Infected Finger without Antibiotics (& Essential Oil Giveaway!)

Photo credit: John Tann My Infected Finger Story: Since sometime last winter, I have been battling a sucky immune system. My gut bacteria are valiantly attempting to guard their posts and keep me somewhat healthy. Nonetheless, the stress,  poor eating, and the round of antibiotics I chose to take (to my dismay) for my infected… 

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40+ Legitimate Ways to Earn Money as a Stay-at-Home-Mom

Photo by Diego da Silva You’ve seen the ads floating around the internet. Usually in places like your Facebook sidebar or in pop-up ads on popular sites. Deceptive text shouting promises like: “Earn $6,000/week from home! It’s easy! Sign up here! “scammyfineprintprintblahblahblah” To those I say a big fat “Pfffffftttt, yeah right!” A few years… 

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My Top 3 Criteria For Choosing a Natural Cleaner (Laundry Soap Review+Giveaway)

I believe that businesses should prioritize two things: profit + helping people. And, I believe it’s entirely possible to do both. I know that’s a rather unusual way for me to start out a post, right? I’m not typically jabbering here about politics or business ethics (although I did take a Business Ethics course during… 

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5 reasons to let your child go barefoot

5 Reasons to Let Your Children Go Barefoot

Walking barefoot through the warm summer grass. Who doesn’t feel a bit nostalgic remembering the childhood pleasure of going around barefoot? Almost anyone would agree that it’s enjoyable to kick off one’s shoes every once in a while and feel the earth beneath your feet. But did you know there are lots of good reasons… 

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“No-Poo” FAQs, Resources, and Tips

If you haven’t already heard: me and shampoo broke up. It was a hard decision, but it was for the best. Definite irreconcilable differences. I’ve been jabbering away about this “no-pooing” thing for a while now, and I hope you’ll indulge me for just one more day. This post is a follow-up to Monday’s post…. 

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How to Get Started With the No-Poo Hair Care Method

In January of this year, I declared my intention to quit shampoo for a month and experiment with the no-poo method. I ditched the shampoo bottle like a boss, and I went all crazy hippie on you. Pfffffffft. Okay, total and complete lies, yes. I already went all cray-cray on you a good long while… 

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