How The Glad Game is Saving My Life Right Now - R&H main

How The Glad Game is Saving My Life Right Now

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe via Email or.RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! I’m a total, unapologetic optimist. Of course, I’m an INFP, so that’s not totally surprising. It drives my ESFJ husband nuts sometimes, but I’m confident he’ll come around eventually. (<– see what I did there? #optimism.) Pollyanna was a favourite movie… 

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6 Smart Tips for Organizing Kids' Toys - R&H main

6 Smart Tips for Organizing Kids’ Toys

By contributor Cheyenne Bell Christmas has come and gone, and if you have kids, you’ve inevitably ended up with a new lion’s share of toys to add to your already-overwhelming collection. Now is the time to get the toys under control before they begin to take over the whole house! Here are some simple ways to… 

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Beautiful modern living room with grey sofa and floor lamp

How I Finally Kicked My Staying-Up-Too-Late Habit (Introducing the Go-to-Bed Challenge!)

I used to suffer from a serious condition called BCI. (Butt-on-Couch Inertia.) It’s a terrible affliction whereby the sufferer’s butt is superglued to the couch in the evenings amidst the magical stillness and silence of the late-night hours. This chronic condition is exacerbated by peacefully sleeping children, netflix or a good book, and an excessively comfortable… 

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Winter's tale

Hello Weekend

It rained all day today. A strange choice of weather for a January day in Ottawa. It’s changing to snow by tonight so perhaps there’ll still be snowbanks for the kids to play in tomorrow after all. I’m really starting to appreciate our four seasons – there’s something oddly comforting about the ebb and flow… 

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Modern workspace

Red & Honey’s 2015 In Review

Howdy friends! When it comes to New Year’s reflections, I prefer to finish off the year and let the dust settle before making any grand analysis or plans. So here I am, a week into the new year, sharing my 2015 in review. 2015 was a pretty crazy year for me – both personally, and… 

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Paper clutter is the WORST. These tips seem totally manageable. Definitely going to try them!

3 Tips for Reducing Paper Clutter at Home

By contributing writer, Molly Madonna Kehrer Junk mail. Bills. Reminders. Political mail. Coupons. Magazines. Credit card applications. Hand-written letters. Birthday cards. No doubt this list could pile up just as easily as the mail does week to week. Of all of the above, the personal cards and notes get opened quickly at our house, and the rest… 

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Spray nebulizzatore gola naso influenza

DIY Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

Store bought hand sanitizers are great at killing germs but are full of chemicals. You can make your own DIY hand sanitizer with essential oils that works just as well without the harsh chemicals.  By Contributor Jessica Young Let’s face it, kids are germ magnets. If there is something gross to be touched, their little hands… 

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You’re an Emotional Eater, and That’s Okay

By contributor Virginia George Ever since I was a little kid I had a gut feeling that eating wasn’t just about nutrition. When people would complain about eating and wish for meal replacement pills I just didn’t get it. Why does emotional eating get such a bad rep? Is it really necessary to separate food… 

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5 Real Food Cracker Topping Ideas - R&H main

5 Real-Food Cracker Topping Ideas

There are approximately a bajillion great real-food appetizer ideas out there on the world wide interwebs, but way too many of them require more prep time than I have to give these days. These simple cracker topping ideas are right up my alley! I feel like we’re finally getting settled in our new home here… 

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