How I Use Mind Mapping to Help Declutter My Brain

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe via Email or.RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! When I first learned more about my personality type (INFP) and how my brain receives and processes information, my mind was officially blown. Seeing the big picture has always been one of my biggest strengths, so mind mapping is… 

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3 Ways to Spring Clean Your New Year's Resolutions - R&H main

3 Ways to Spring Clean Your New Year’s Resolutions

By Contributing Writer Faith Watson Spring cleaning is a popular focus this time of year. Checklists, tips, advice, and shortcuts motivate us (or guilt us) into taking care of our homes with a major spring clean effort. Or, the more prevalent sunshine exposes a season’s worth of dust and cobwebs in corners and urges us… 

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3 Possible Reasons You're Failing at Sticking to a Grocery Budget - R&H main

3 Possible Reasons You’re Failing at Sticking to a Grocery Budget

Confession: I’m a grocery budget failure. I mean – we’re definitely not eating steak and lobster every night (gah, I wish!), and we’re being as frugal as we feel we can be. We’re pinching pennies and I’m agonizing over what I put into my grocery cart. But when I tally it up at the end… 

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Dried fruits and nuts on color wooden background

15 Easy Clean-Eating Snacks (Paleo, Real Food)

By contributing writer Alexandra Maul I am one of those types of people who need to eat every three hours or I get hangry (hungry + angry) and become a monster. It’s like I’m a totally different person, and I either go silent or lash out. Once I have a few bites of some clean-eating snacks, I can see… 

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Raspberry Double White Chocolate Cookies - R&H main

Raspberry Double White Chocolate Cookies (Grain-Free)

I’m just going to warn you upfront: the hype is legit. These Raspberry White Chocolate Cookies are little pieces of pure magic and happiness, and they have the street cred to prove it. While developing the recipe, I used my kids’ teachers as recipe testers, resulting in some seriously happy educators. I was asked for the… 

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baby knitted woolen socks on primako on turquoise wooden background

7 Great Reasons to Hang-Dry Laundry All Year-Round

By Contributing Writer, Erin Long When I started my natural living journey so many things seemed beyond my capacity to ever master (especially line-dry laundry!). Make my own non-toxic cleaners? They’ll probably make more of a mess than they cleaned. Brew my own kombucha? I know I’ll do it wrong and end up poisoning myself…. 

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Happy Adrenal Power Smoothie - R&H main

Happy Adrenal Power Smoothie

I have one job* right now: keep my adrenals happy. They’re in a pretty gnarly mood right now, so it’s taking some cajoling. This adrenal power smoothie is a great support to my efforts! *Okay, that’s such a big fat lie… modern-day moms have a bajillion different jobs and feel like they are to execute… 

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DIY Natural Decongestant Foot Balm - R&H main

DIY Natural Decongestant Foot Balm

By contributor Cheyenne Bell I don’t know about you guys, but this weather is killing me. Here in Texas we are experiencing the pleasure of going from near-freezing temps to 80 degrees in a matter of days. And it keeps going back and forth like that. Needless to say, mine and my kids’ allergies are… 

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Growing Corn Seedling Sprouts in Agricultural Farm Field

What is a Milpa, and Why Should You Plant One in Your Garden This Year?

By Virginia Miner What is a milpa, and why should you plant one? Planting a garden is a good way to know where your food comes from, but how do you make sure that you don’t do the same thing to your backyard that the big growers are doing to their fields? Over fertilizing, depleting… 

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