How to keep your home clean 2

How to Keep Your Home Clean (even with kids around!) Part 2

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe via Email or.RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Read Part 1 here! Get the kids to help Growing up I had a friend who wasn’t allowed to play on the weekends until she finished all her chores. I thought this was cruel and unusual punishment at the… 

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Seven-Layer Dip

Individual Seven-Layer Dip (Real-Food Style!)

Post by contributing writer Alexandra Maul You know those mouth-watering seven layer dips that you see around game day tailgates? They are SO good. But, they are usually also pretty processed, full of strange ingredients you can’t pronounce, and sky-high in sodium from the store-made salsa, cheeses, bean dips, and more. I decided I had to… 

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Type-B Personalities & Menu Planning: 5 Keys to Success

I have never felt quite normal (cue jokes from my husband). It wasn’t always the case, but yes, I can now embrace my weirdness with open arms. You see – in the most simplistic of personality type terms, I am a Type-B. Not a planner, not a scheduler, not a detail-oriented person (unless I have… 

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How to Make Soup from Scratch in 15 Minutes Without a Recipe

I pin the deliciously fancy and complicated soup recipes with weird ingredients and high hopes for the future, but there they remain, in digital lockdown. Sometimes you just need something a little more simple, amen? Since I don’t do chicken fingers and fries from the frozen food aisle anymore, I was grateful to put this… 

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7 ways to prepare for a successful VBAC

7 Ways to Prepare for a Successful VBAC

Post by contributor, Erin Long In preparing for the birth of my first child, I basically skipped over everything to do with C-sections. I was young, healthy and my baby looked absolutely fantastic. I trusted my doctor and was delivering in Hungary, a country with a low C-section rate. Why would I, of all people,… 

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Simple and Effective Eye Makeup Remover (One All-Natural Ingredient You Probably Already Own)

I’m not fancy (like Iggy Azalea). I’m more or less rockin’ the same basic makeup routine that I started in my teenage years. The shade of eye shadow has varied (happily stuck on a slightly shimmery taupe these days), the mascara has remained steady (black-brown for the win with pale-faces like me), and the light… 

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No-Bake Chocolate Coconut Macaroons (Grain-free, Dairy-free, No Refined Sugar)

A healthy cookie that tastes like pure decadence? One that doesn’t even require baking? Oh, and made with all nourishing and healthy ingredients. Well, hallelujah and glory be – it’s a good day. These little lumps of chocolatey goodness may not look like much, but they are totally amazing. They have lots of cocoa and… 

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5 Gentle Herbal Detox Tips for a Fresh Start

Now that Christmas and New Years are over, routines are starting to return to normal. The stress, heavy eating and late nights puts a toll on the body’s ability to function properly. With the start of a new year, this is the perfect time to clean house with a detox. Signs that your body is… 

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This recipe KILLS IT. It's like tacos in soup form, and it's blow-your-mind amazing. Even my soup-hating friends love it and make it regularly, and it's the number one family favorite at our house! Simple, filling, and packed with tex-mex flavor. Really, how can you go wrong?! Yum.

Southwest Taco Soup

I have a serious love affair with all things Tex-Mex. I mean sure, yes, I’m pretty free with my love and devotion when it comes to my favorite foods. I have declared my undying affection for many an excellent recipe. For example, this Browned Butter Fudge, this Perfect Chili Recipe, and my Aunt Beulah’s Saucy Chicken recipe…. 

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