Why We’re Giving Up On Gluten-Free After Four Years

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe via Email or.RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! [I can hardly believe I'm writing this, but it's true. We are officially *not* a gluten-free family anymore, as of sometime in July 2014. Here is our story.] It has been four long years since we first took that… 

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How I Healed My Infected Finger without Antibiotics (& Essential Oil Giveaway!)

Photo credit: John Tann My Infected Finger Story: Since sometime last winter, I have been battling a sucky immune system. My gut bacteria are valiantly attempting to guard their posts and keep me somewhat healthy. Nonetheless, the stress,  poor eating, and the round of antibiotics I chose to take (to my dismay) for my infected… 

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40+ Legitimate Ways to Earn Money as a Stay-at-Home-Mom

Photo by Diego da Silva You’ve seen the ads floating around the internet. Usually in places like your Facebook sidebar or in pop-up ads on popular sites. Deceptive text shouting promises like: “Earn $6,000/week from home! It’s easy! Sign up here! “scammyfineprintprintblahblahblah” To those I say a big fat “Pfffffftttt, yeah right!” A few years… 

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My Top 3 Criteria For Choosing a Natural Cleaner (Laundry Soap Review+Giveaway)

I believe that businesses should prioritize two things: profit + helping people. And, I believe it’s entirely possible to do both. I know that’s a rather unusual way for me to start out a post, right? I’m not typically jabbering here about politics or business ethics (although I did take a Business Ethics course during… 

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5 reasons to let your child go barefoot

5 Reasons to Let Your Children Go Barefoot

Walking barefoot through the warm summer grass. Who doesn’t feel a bit nostalgic remembering the childhood pleasure of going around barefoot? Almost anyone would agree that it’s enjoyable to kick off one’s shoes every once in a while and feel the earth beneath your feet. But did you know there are lots of good reasons… 

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“No-Poo” FAQs, Resources, and Tips

If you haven’t already heard: me and shampoo broke up. It was a hard decision, but it was for the best. Definite irreconcilable differences. I’ve been jabbering away about this “no-pooing” thing for a while now, and I hope you’ll indulge me for just one more day. This post is a follow-up to Monday’s post…. 

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How to Get Started With the No-Poo Hair Care Method

In January of this year, I declared my intention to quit shampoo for a month and experiment with the no-poo method. I ditched the shampoo bottle like a boss, and I went all crazy hippie on you. Pfffffffft. Okay, total and complete lies, yes. I already went all cray-cray on you a good long while… 

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Setting Weekly Goals

Setting Weekly Goals: A Middle-Ground Approach

Post by Erin Long of Home & Grace  (Beth’s note: I am super excited to get some new habits established when we return to normal life after moving into our new home, and I am in love with this balanced and flexible approach to goal-setting. I will absolutely be taking Erin’s excellent advice to heart… 

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I Haven’t Shampooed My Hair in 4 Months (No-Poo Update)

This post is alternately titled: “Finally Answering the ‘Are You Still Doing That No-Poo Thing?’ Question”. I get that question a lot, and I totally understand the curiosity. I was the exact same way before I started my no-pooing (ie. no shampooing) journey. On February 1, 2014, I went to the stylist for a wash and trim…. 

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