5 Easy Ways to Introduce Herbs Into Your Life

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe via Email or.RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! [Guest post by Angela of Mama Rosemary. Take a moment to check out her site - it's a wealth of information!] Are you curious about herbal medicine and all it has to offer yet perhaps you don’t know where… 

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15 Real Food Weeknight Meals

Guest post by Rebecca of A Humble Place There’s no way around it – real food takes work! I originally planned on calling this post “easy” week night meals, but as I was writing down the recipes, I had to be honest with myself and admit there really isn’t much that’s easier than Kraft dinner… 

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Minty Mango Nectarine Delight [Recipe] + 8 Tips for Making The Best Smoothies

Guest post by Alexandra Maul of Made to Glow For both smoothie fiends and blending beginners, smoothies are an easy way to get your fruits and veggies in each day. I’m a huge smoothie-lover, and find them to be the perfect snacks or on-the-go meals! Here are some short cuts and tips to make blending smoothies… 

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6 ways to prepare your kids for major life changes

6 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for Major Life Changes

Post by contributor Erin Long of Home and Grace [A note from Beth: I am really grateful to Erin for writing on major life changes this month. If you’re a regular around here, you know that my family just moved into our new house this past weekend, so we are in the thick of all of… 

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5 Ways To Naturally Whiten Teeth (Without Harsh Chemicals!)

Image via Flickr CC Post by Contributor, Jamie Larrison of How to Just About Anything Years ago I decided to take the fast track to a whiter, more vibrant smile. Enticed by the Hollywood dazzle, I tried out the popular whitening strips and gelled trays. Not only were there little to no results after one… 

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A Crunchy Parent’s Guide to Twins

Guest post by Naomi of Almost Bananas [Beth's note: this is a longer-than-usual post, but it's just so chock full of awesome info and tips, I didn't think y'all would mind! And, even though I'm not a twin mama, I found Naomi's tips and story fascinating. I'm sure you will too!] The day I found… 

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Bring On the Salt! (Why I Don’t Restrict My Sodium Intake)

Image via Flickr CC Have you ever noticed that the official line on what’s healthy is constantly changing? It’s irritating, isn’t it? I mean, it was just a few decades ago that “they” were saying that cigarettes weren’t all that bad. Obviously, they were wrong on that one. What else are they wrong about? Even… 

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Waldorf Tuna Salad. Quick, easy, tasty, paleo lunch!

Waldorf Tuna Salad

Tuna. It’s one of those things most people either love or hate. For most of my life, I landed solidly in the “meh” camp. It was smelly, bland, and uninteresting, but edible. All I knew to do with it was mix it with Miracle Whip and put it between slices of bread for a really… 

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6 Small Habits to Increase Contentment When Life Isn't Easy Photo.jpg

6 Small Habits to Increase Contentment When Life Isn’t Easy

Post by Erin Long, contributor The couch is covered in unfolded laundry. The kitchen sink is pilled with dirty dishes. My unchecked ‘to-do’ list mocks me, my weekly goals are untouched. It’s already half an hour past bedtime and the kids are still running around, not even in their pjs. My husband asks where his… 

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