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10 Ways to Create a Healthy Amount of Screen Time

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe via Email or.RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Post by guest, Erin Long, of Home & Grace I made one of my best parenting decisions long before I became a mother. Sitting in a psychology class in university I learned about how watching TV negatively affects brain… 

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Easy Homemade Ketchup, Lacto-Fermented

Post by guest writer, Shannon of Self.Made.Simple I have always tried to make tasty home cooked meals for my family but as with many other families there are times when we have all had to rely on less than nourishing items from the middle of the grocery store. What we always try to remember though… 

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Our Routine: A Flexible Daily Schedule for the Free-Spirited Family

Good gracious am I ever looking forward to next week. This self-care series has been hard. Good, good stuff that I’ve worked on changing in my life… but hard stuff. I’ve been caring myself by becoming more self-disciplined so that I can have the peace in my life and my house that I crave. It’s… 

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One Simple Way to Teach Kids About God (+ Giveaway!)

  This is a review post for Tyndale House Publishers. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for a great giveaway! If you grew up like I did, you were immersed in a world of flannel-graphs and Sunday School crafts, with cross stickers and Jesus coloring pages nestled into the nooks and crannies of your… 

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3 Steps We’re Taking Toward Better Health (and The Roadblocks in My Way)

Image via Flickr CC This post is week 3 in our Embracing Self-Care series. You can read the other weeks in the series here: 1. Embracing Self-Care (Introduction) 2. Knowing Yourself in Order to Know What You Need (and Why I Hate This Topic) Now, judging by the fact that this post is very late (it was… 

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Why I Don’t Want to Send My Kids to Public School

Image via Flickr CC I am a product of our society’s public education system, with a bit of private Christian education at the end (using the same model as the public schools but with Bible class and school uniforms thrown in.) To be honest – I loved school in my elementary and middle school years…. 

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Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner

Today is the first day of absolutely gorgeous spring weather. It’s going to be a high of 9 C/48 F, and the sun is just beaming through every window proudly. I also spotted the first tulips and daffodils breaking through the dirt in the front flower bed, and so of course, we did The Tulip… 

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GiveForward (Giving Hope in Times of Burden)

Image via Flickr CC There’s just something about the power of the collective human spirit that moves me. I think we all have that thing, right?  It’s the thing that gets us every time, the thing that hits down deep in the same place that hopes and fears and dreams come from. For me, it’s… 

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Knowing Yourself in Order to Know What You Need (and Why I Hate This Topic)

Image via Flickr CC This post is Week Two in the Embracing Self-Care Community Blogging Project Series. Check out the Introduction post here. I am the ABSOLUTE master of procrastination and dreamy thoughts with no follow-through. No joke. I am the ultimate winner in that department. I’ll prove it to you… later, after I surf… 

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