Weekend Links (and a mid-month no-poo hair update)


Friends, thank-you so much for the overwhelmingly positive response to yesterday’s post where I shared my story about our early days of sleep-deprivation and regrets. I haven’t processed all of the comments yet, but I hope to respond to them soon. I wanted to note quickly that I received several comments gently encouraging me to not feel guilty because I did my best at the time. I appreciate that sentiment so much, and I want you all to know that I am working that through. It’s not a simple process, but I’m on that path. Remembering that grace is for mamas, too, right? Thank God for that.

There were only a small handful of comments that didn’t understand the point of my post, which is to be expected anytime you talk about such an emotional subject. I really, really appreciate the words of solidarity, encouragement, and empathy from so many of you – my fingers were shaking as I hit publish on this one, but y’all proved that this is a place of love and support overall. I hope that never changes. And now: Group Hug. Aww. :)

Annnnnd, down to business. First of all, you seriously need to check out this new cookbook: Naturally-Sweetened Treats. It’s a community cookbook with many of the same bloggers as the Winter Soups one. It’s on sale right now for $3.97 for a very limited time, and then the price goes up to $9.97! You can grab yours today right here at Red & Honey, and indulge! Just click the image to jump over to the buy page.

Naturally Sweetened Treats

Here are some great links to read on a leisurely weekend. Have that second cup of coffee and put your feet up: you deserve it.

10 Reasons I Am the Worst Mom Ever | Live Renewed

14 Types of Play to Stimulate a Child’s Creativity (Instead of Dumbing it Down) | Keeper of the Home (my monthly contributor post at KOTH)

6 Things You May Have Said to a Parent of a Child with Down Syndrome That You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About | Krista Ewert

Doodle Embroidery: Only as Inappropriate as You Make It | Five Kids is a Lot of Kids

Dairy-Free Homemade Snow Ice Cream (tastes just like vanilla ice cream) | The Humbled Homemaker

Bacon Chicken Bites | Wellness Mama

Girls Skechers Light-Up Sparkly Shoes | Amazon.com (I bought my 3-yr-old daughter a pair of these second-hand last year and she fell in love with them. Now they’re way too small so I started looking around for a new pair. They’re sorta spendy, but I was happy to see that amazon has them a bit cheaper. My little fashionista is showing her *strong* fashion preferences already and I love it.)

On another note, how’s your no-poo month going? My first 10 days or so were actually pretty awesome, and I was all braggy and high-fiving myself. Oops – I may have spoken too soon. My hair has been getting increasingly greasy. It still looks ok in a ponytail, but it’s getting worse, not better. I guess this is just the detox phase. Blerg. Anyone have any tips for tweaking my routine? I tried doing just baking soda and skipping the ACV yesterday, and that didn’t really even help. I’m on an every-other-day routine. Wisdom? Advice? Brilliant ideas? (This is Day 14, in case you haven’t been following along.)


What are you doing this weekend? How was your Valentine’s Day? We had a nice romantic day complete with kid rearing, meal-making, housework, and family movie night (PS. Don’t watch James and the Giant Peach: creepy and weird.)

Oh, and hubs went to the store for cheese and came home with these. So not in the budget, but hard to get mad at that face, amirite?

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 10.47.58 AM

Here’s a quote that I shared on my FB page this past week, which only was seen by about 3% of you.

[*stupid facebook and its stupid algorithms and stupid stupidity, %$@@*##@^ Ughh.*]

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.” – Albert Camus, The Stranger

Happy weekend, friends!

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  1. says

    Hah! I’m in much the same boat! But I quit baking soda after the first wash and have been using a castile soap “shampoo” and ACV rinse. It was fine until the last 2 washes, now it’s really reacting! Oh well, think it’s just the detox phase. I’m almost wanting to give up, but I also really just want to see this work! So sorry, no wisdom, just sympathy :0)

    PS – LOVE the flowers!!!

  2. Nicole S. says

    I have been doing the no ‘poo thing for about a month. Washing it every other day with baking soda then rinsing with ACV. I looks horribly greasy before I wash it, then it looks great for about a day and a half. I don’t know if I am still detoxing…..but I encourage you to look into Liz Wolfe’s method for no ‘poo. It is what I am doing and it is working much better than when I tried it before. She wrote The Skintervention guide. Great book!

  3. says

    Love these links–thanks for including me, friend! I had a little backlash that I would feed my kids–SHOCK–TOXIC snow. One lady said she no longer lets her kids play in the rain b/c of the toxins. Oh well.

    Love the green sweater, too!

    • says

      Good grief… some people are really desperate for something to criticize. I ate snow like it was a main course dish when I was a kid. Haha!

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