Sunday Night Soups, Vol. 3


Welcome to week three of Sunday Night Soups at Red+Honey!

Last week’s edition of Sunday Night Soups went fabulously with some awesome soups linked up for you to drool over browse through. Each week’s links will stay as they are, and you can always go back for new inspiration.

This Week’s Featured Soup from Vol. 2:

This lovely Roasted Corn Soup from Gidget Goes Home caught my eye. Creamed corn from a can is one of the comfort foods I recall fondly from my childhood, so seeing a more real-food style version of that is pretty awesome. I can’t eat much corn these days because it doesn’t agree with me totally, but once in while (especially I use organic corn – Costco carries it) I can tolerate a bit. This would be totally worth it!


Do you love soup too? Do you love creating soup recipes? Do you like making soup? If you answered yes to any of these, you’re in the right place. Link up your soup recipes below, and enjoy!

What in the world is a link party? Allow me to explain…

  • Every other Sunday here at Red+Honey there will be a new SNS post, containing a link-up. Link-ups will remain open for two weeks until a new one starts.
  • You can link up old or new posts, and as many as you want. You can recycle recipes every few months or so, but don’t share the same thing over and over every time.
  • Each time a new SNS goes live it will highlight a few of the recipes from the previous round. Link up your best stuff for a chance to get in the spotlight!

It’s link time! Here are the guidelines for participating:

  • Link to the post itself, not your homepage.
  • We appreciate if you would include a link back to this post in your own post. Posts without a link to here are not eligible to be featured in the next SNS. If your recipe is featured, we may use your photo.
  • Share the love! Share this post on your social media, and grab a button below if you’d like to include it in your post (just copy the code in the box, and paste it into your editor mode on your blog post.)


I'm Beth. I created Red & Honey because I'm obsessed with the wild art of wellness.

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  1. says

    Thanks for featuring my soup! I hope you love it– it will be a good special treat for you one of these days. I use the organic corn from Costco when I can, too. :)


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