Family Photos circa Four Months Ago…

Canaan is almost 4 months old and dangit, “they” were right (aren’t they always?) – the time does fly away with or without my permission.

We had a dear sweet friend take some photos for us when Canaan was still just days old, and I forgot to share them here! I was cleaning out my inbox tonight and found the link, and if for nothing else I decided to post it here so that my Nana and Grandpa can see them (I don’t want to get in trouble).

Birthing three kiddos in less than four years is obviously a good idea when they’re this cute… I figure it’s pretty well our obligation to the world.

You’re welcome, world.

More photos HERE

PS: really, REALLY glad I cut my hair. Oy vey. The damaged frizz was just not kind. Not at all. As if being a red-head wasn’t traumatic enough (really people, stop staring!), I had frizz. It was like those scalloped carrots you get in the frozen veggie mix. Not pretty. Cut hair = a service to humanity. Again, you’re welcome.

PSS: the bottom line is my family is the bomb (are the kids still saying that?) and I treasure these photos no matter what my frizzy hair looks like, because they don’t care.

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  1. Handsfull says

    Love the photos, specially the one of you with your 2 boys. And your hair is gorgeous, even when it’s longer!

  2. Krista says

    Adorable! What a sweet family picture! As for your hair it is beautiful, no what what length! I’ve always loved the color of your hair. :)

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